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1859 Jail, Marshal's Home & Museum, Visit 2

Location Information

Date:7th October, 2006     Type:Business

Location Title:1859 Jail, Marshal's Home & Museum, Visit 2     City/State:Independence, MO

Investigation Times:08:00 PM - 11:00 PM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:07:19 AM   Sunset:06:51 PM

High Temperature:79 °F   Low Temperature:51 °F

Sky Condition:Clear   Wind:SSE at 8 mph

Humidity:66%   Precipitation:0%

Lunar Phase:Full Moon   % disk visible:100%

Solar X-Rays:Normal   Geomagnetic Field:Quiet

Pressure:30.22 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Kevin Glasow

Angela Hodge

Sevren Jacobs

Bryan Kaplan

Hugh McLenaghan

Becky Ray

Jennifer Sprague

Miranda Stark

Junior Szudarski

Location History

"In 1859, construction was completed on the new Jackson County Jail and Marshal’s Home. As the twelve new limestone jail cells were opened hostilities between free state and pro-slavery forces were reaching a boiling point in the area. In 1854, Congress had passed the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which opened the Kansas Territory to settlement. The act provided for popular sovereignty in determining the issue of slavery. The result of this act was violent guerilla fighting which terrorized local populations on both sides of the Missouri and Kansas lines as abolitionists poured into the Kansas Territory. In Jackson County, the Battles of Independence and Lone Jack in 1862 ended in Confederate victories. The state of Missouri was held in the union by military force even though the elected Governor and legislators had voted to secede from the Union. In Jackson County old grudges erupted between families and neighbor turned against neighbor. Women and children were arrested and placed in the 1859 Jail now under the command of the Union Provost Marshals nicknamed the “Little Gods” for the power they had over the population. When the Jail overflowed with the residents of Jackson County, other buildings were used as jails. One of those buildings collapsed and several young girls were killed. Historians believe that this action resulted in the raid on Lawrence, Kansas in 1863.
The raid resulted in the infamous Order No. 11 being issued which depopulated Jackson County as well as other counties along the Kansas-Missouri border. The enforcement of this order resulted in terrible hardships for the residents, many women and children had to walk to Texas or Kentucky. Many were killed in the act of obeying the order, Union and Southern families alike. Many families never returned to Jackson County after the war. Independence artist George Caleb Bingham captured their misery on canvas (and another copy was painted on a tablecloth). He later produced an engraving of the painting and sold signed, numbered copies of “Martial Law.” One of his signed proofs is on display at the 1859 Jail, Marshal’s Home and Museum. Reproductions are available for sale.
Decades after the war ended in Missouri, the citizens of Jackson county felt the lingering bitterness and uncertainty of that great conflict. Out of these tumultuous times rode Missouri’s most notorious outlaws. Outlaws like the James boys and Youngers used the remaining animosities from the outrages of the war to stay a step ahead of the law for nearly twenty years.
In the spring of 1882, Jesse James was murdered. His older brother, Frank, began negotiations with the Missouri governor to surrender because he feared assassination. Frank James spent almost six months in the Jackson County limestone jail. In 1901, a brick jail was added to the back of the limestone jail to house chain gangs. Chain gangs were used to build roads, sewers and other tasks assigned them. They left six days a week at sunrise and returned at sunset. One inmate spent a year on the chain gang for stealing a cow. You can see the Marshal’s home from Main Street, but the two-story limestone jail and the 1901 chain gang jail joins the rear of the home. Take a self-guided tour of the jail and museum for a first hand look at frontier justice. Tour the beautifully decorated home where the wife and children of the marshal lived. Guided tours are available upon request in advance." 
Visitors have reported feelings of nausea and extreme cold. Guards sometimes hear phantom footsteps, growling noises and the sound of a man gasping for air. In addition, a spectral man in a blue uniform has also been seen in the center south cell.
It has been thought that the man in the blue uniform may be Henry Bugler who was the Jackson County sheriff. He was killed at the jail in 1866 and was the first law officer in Jackson County to be murdered.

Investigators Notes

Kevin Glasow:This was my first time at the Jail. Throughout the night I had several odd experiences and was present when others had theirs. During our EVP session in Cell 2 I heard some of the noises and whispering that seemed to be happening in the hall. We had multiple other experiences simular to that as we continued attempting EVPs in other cells, but none I experienced personally. I took a break to get a drink in the expanded area of the jail, and while I was there I saw a figure in one of the glass display shelves. I cannot be certain, however, that I was not seeing a member of the investigation as the reflections in the room are odd, it's also possible I was seeing a reflection from one of the displays and it's movement was a trick of the light. While in Cell 1 I recorded strange temperature readings that seems contrary to what we were feeling. When we first entered the cell seems cool and comfortable compared to the rest of the jail, although I read the temperature at ~82 degrees. As we spent more time in there it seemed to warm up [which makes since considering our body heat would effect it] however the temperature had actually dropped to ~79 degrees. My last, and most striking experience was in Cell 4. Hugh, Severen, Becky and I were sitting in there while Brian and co. were in Cell 2 trying the Oujia board. At one point I felt something touch my leg, and then tug on my jeans. Before I could say anything Becky commented that she thinks something evered the cell. The contact ended when I though I heard something move in Cell 1. I am still reviewing my pictures and audio.


Angela Hodge:First off want to thank the 1859 Jail for allowing us to come back again. It's always a pleasant experience working with them. -------------- The jail seemed pretty quiet at first until we set up in the cell #2 as a group, this is the cell that is to your right as you walk into the 1st floor jail area. - As I sat there and we did some EVP questions I could see the next cell diagnally from me. While the group was doing some questions for the EVP I kept feeling like my neck was getting tighter, a few times i would rub my neck. At first I was thinking I was having an allergic reaction to something in the room and started wanting a glass of water but it would come and go. It did not dawn on me untill at the view i had a few times I kept questioning myself if I was seeing what I was seeing. I eventually inturrupted the group's question and let them know that I was seeing a rope hanging from the ceiling and what looked like a dark figure being hung. I could not see a face or make it out, but I could see a thick rope that was braided and had a loop at the end. I knew that there was a light fixture in that direction hanging but it did not look like that at all. I'll post any picture if anything did appear. -------------------- At one point Bryan, Junior and myself went into Cell 1 and felt the room atmosphere change to a very unpleasant feeling, but nothing that could be documented. We also went into Cell 2 and I felt little pricks on my upper right arm, Junior at that time had a thermal camera and could see red streaks on my arm. After I mentioned it to Junior it stopped. I also felt a huge rush of hot air come over me but the room temperature never changed. -------------------- When we went upstairs and was in the uppper cell area all looking around I turned and was heading out toward the hallway I saw what looked like a little dark shadow dart across the hallway to the back bedroom. I had Jennifer check it out but nothing. ---------------------- Other then that not much happened I have some EVP to go over and pictures if anything appears I will post. Since this was my 2nd visit and in the first visit I would say something is definitly there just don't know what. We could hear whispering throughtout times but nothing that could be made out. Several times we would go and check if Maryanne had a radio on or was talking to someone but nothing. All in all it was a good time and would like to go back during the day sometime as a visitor.


Sevren Jacobs:This was a wonderful place to visit and investigate! For equipment I used my Olympus 35mm camera and Olympus Digital Audio Recorder. I recall hearing a couple of occurrences of faint whispering during our first group EVP session for the night which took place inside Cell #2. It almost sounded as if a radio or televison was on with the volume on very low at one point. I am in the process of reviewing my audio and developing my photos. If any unexplainable anomalies in my footage are discovered, I will be sure to post it!


Bryan Kaplan:It was a great investigation. As of right now I've gone through 30 minutes of one of my recorders and have found some interesting EVP's. The main thing I experienced at this location was the occasional whispering that I and others heard while we sat/stood in a couple of the jail cells.


Hugh McLenaghan:During the period of the investigation there were a few voices that were heard. Apart from that, nothing really happened.


Becky Ray:Many thanks go out to the Jackson County Historical Society and the folks at the 1859 Jail, Marshal's Home and Museum for allowing us to come back for a follow up investigation!
On this night I only used a standard 35mm camera, as on our previous visit we learned that EMF readings were faulty in this area.
After setting up our equipment which included infrared cameras, thermometers, and a thermal camera, we began the investigation by attempting to obtain EVPs in each of the cells. We started in Cell 2, and more than once while questions were being asked, I heard the distinct sound of whispering coming from the hallway. All of our members were together in this cell, so there was no one out there. Off and on during the night I would hear this, as did other members.
One thing I wanted to accomplish on this visit was to try to find a cause for the anomaly that appeared on video during our first visit. After I had checked the wall for any type of object that may have caused a reflection, we went into Cell 4 to try to recreate the exact conditions from the first visit. I watched the camera monitor closely as we did this, but at no time did anything appear out of the ordinary. I used the exact same 35mm camera as I had on the previous investigation, stood in the exact same spot, but nothing out of the ordinary appeared. As of now, the anomaly is still unexplained.
I will be posting some investigation photos and any photos that contain anomalies within the next few days.


Jennifer Sprague:On this investigation I used my audio recorder and was also the note taker for the group. We started off with an evp session in cell block 3. During this session, I heard what I thought was whispering coming from behind me. Others in the group experienced this too, many people in the group had personal experiences throughout this investigation and also during this evp session. It is important to note that at this particular time all of us were in this cell and there were no others present. During the second evp session in cell block 1, I didnt experience anything first hand, but later on when I was walking by the cell I heard whispering again. It sounded like two people having a conversation, at this time it is important to note that nobody was in that paticular cell or any other cell, the reast of the group were all down at the room at the end of the hallway. After our second evp session we moved on to other cell blocks and at one point I thought I saw a shadow hovering in between cell blocks 1, 2 and 3. Whether this was just lighting or trick of the eye I am not sure. Again- Nobody was in the hallway near that area. All of us were in the room down the hall. Upon reviewing my audio footage I believe I have come across many interesting evps. Among them are whispering, breathing and what appears to be a man's voice talking on several different occasions. I look forward to trying to download all of these so that they can be listened to. I look forward to a future trip to this Jail!


Miranda Stark:I would like to generously thank the Jackson County Historical Society for welcoming PAI, as we have now had our second visit and investigation within their lovely establishment at the Marshall's 1859 Jail in the historical Independence Square. This place never fails to astound me. The stone walls seem to contain treasures of tales from the jail's rich history. One can almost feel the presence of tense emotion in the air, just upon entering first floor corridor between the six cells located there. As we gathered together in one cell for an EVP session, many of our investigators reported feelings of a "presence", hearing sounds of whispers behind them, and seeing an occassional shadowy form darting past outside the cell. We were blessed with an opportunity to have use of a very impressive piece of equipment on this evening, as one of our members was able to bring a thermal imaging camera to the investigation. We were all impressed at it's abilities to detect temperature changes with a visual display. We recorded these images during most of the investigation, and those tapes are in review at this time. The investigation went smoothly. We had a great arrangement with everyone's equipment. We are excited to see what our evidence review has to reveal. My photographs turned up nothing significant, just a few dust or cob-web orbs.


Junior Szudarski:I would first like to thank the staff at the Marshal's Home and Museum for making my first investigation with the team a very memorable one. I would also like to thank a very trusting friend for the use of my favorite piece of equipment, the digital thermal imaging camera. I also used two digital voice recorders( Olympus VN-960PC DVR and Sony ICD-P210 IC R) and my digital camcorder(Samsung Mini DV SCD23 Digital Camcorder). While using the thermal, I had a few moments where there were some brief and unexplainable temp changesin cell number one. Had another instance where I was viewing out of cell number 2 and seen a cloud of temperature change that lasted only a few seconds. I am currently going over the audio and hope to have it up soon as well as the video.

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