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A Business in Sugar Creek, MO

Location Information

Date:26th May, 2008     Type:Business

Location Title:A Business in Sugar Creek     City/State:Sugar Creek, MO

Investigation Times:10:15 PM - 01:00 AM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:05:56 AM   Sunset:08:34 PM

High Temperature:81 °F   Low Temperature:66 °F

Sky Condition:Overcast   Wind:SSW at 7 mph

Humidity:88%   Precipitation:%

Lunar Phase:Waning Gibbous   % disk visible:65%

Solar X-Rays:Normal   Geomagnetic Field:Quiet

Pressure:29.82 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Angela Hodge

Angela Kaplan

Bryan Kaplan

Becky Ray

Jennifer Sprague

Miranda Stark

Investigators Notes

Angela Hodge:First off Thanks to the owners for inviting us into a great establishment. So much history resides in this business and you can tell they kept up the history of this place for all the years that it has been in place. After are intial walk-thru and few us starting our readings with equipment and picture taking. We started off with an EVP session, which started off pretty good. I started hearing chattering noises near the front entrance like a crowd just entered the establishement. I could not make out what they were saying but it sounded like a huge crowd. Then that subsided and when were asking questions during an EVP session I started to hear a mans voice toward the kitchen area. I was trying to understand him when all of sudden I hear "Oh Crap" like as if someone just dropped something and they didn't mean to. After a while we moved our group to the basement which is where the banquet room is. Upon starting an EVP session I started to hear chattering again. But still unable to understand them. It was like being at a concert or very loud bar. Every one is talking but your not understanding or be able to focus on one conversation because is so loud in there. That is how it felt inside of my head. I had to restrain myself a few times to not talk to loud as in the room it was pretty quiet with us. We continue onward with the EVP session. We noticed that the more we asked question the water from the drains would continuely drip to a constance slow flow of water trickling. When we would end the EVP session the water would stop or go to a slow drip. It started back up agin later in a 2nd EVP session later in the night. As we doing this EVP session, I could hear a band upstairs playing. But no one was upstairs, it was not open at this time. I could hear a man and a woman, a woman was trying to sing and talk at the same. I could hear a constant thumping of the base of the drum. It sounded like a concert was about to start, kind of like a crowd started thump of the drums. It continue thru-out the whole EVP session. A few time I could feel the presence of someone standing in the middle of the room of all of us. At one point I bluntly could here " you guys are all so silly for doing this" It sounded like a mans voice kind of heckling us. I could hear a laugh with it as it was a deep laugh too. Every time our group would move about in the basement all of the energy would completly go away, but as soon as we settled down it would slowly pick up. I kept getting the feeling they were watching us and trying to figure out what we doing. A few times I felt a presence near the bar area down stairs. When our group went to look over there some one behind took a photo as I was about to take a photo with my own camera. As I said Flash her camera flashed and I snapped my photo at the same time and when I looked in the window of the camera I could see a outline of a shadow at that point. Becky pointed to the area at the same time and mentioned that she thought she saw something. Nothing showed up on the photo. DARN you know. As we presided upstairs to the other half of the establishment I bluntly could see a white shadow mist like in the corner of the room. I guess this is where the waitress gather drinks. You can see in and they can see out, there is no window just a brick arch way is there. I kept getting a feeling a woman was there staring back at us. I tried to ask her who she was and why she was there. She just stared back at me. I got a feeling she was nurse or something silimar. She wore a white cap like on her head and a white dress or uniform on her. She also looked sad and confused. Other then that the resturant side had nothing else going on. A few time others would hear sounds in the hall way that connects each establishment but I did not. When we entered back into the bar side of the establishement and did a 2nd EVP session. I could hear music out of the speakers that were shut off, earlier in the night Bryan could hear country music or something with a country sound to it coming out of the upstairs speakers. I just heard music that i could not make it out. It cut out to quick. I also heard the drumming again along with a woman singing. She began to shout and you a few times we all heard the same thing. That last area we visited was the apartment attached to the upstairs of the bar area. My senses were being blocked by all the mold and dust in the abandoned apartment. It was pretty much left as is since the 1980's a few sink and tubs still look like the era of the 50-60's which was pretty cool looking. I snapped a few photo's but only got dust orbs, again my senses were being overloaded so I had to step outside pretty quick to breathe fresh air. All in all this place was awesome, I loved to come back just to prove what I heard and sensed in the establishment. I know I will go back just as a patron as the menu looked really enticing to try. Thanks again it was a pleasure to be there and witness all the events that occured. I do not believe that what is there is negetative or harmful any in way. I believe it is residual and gives the place it's history.

Angela Kaplan:Kept seeing stuff by the bathrooms down on the main floor. The bad part was that there was someone present who was smoking; which is a no no on investigations (it was not an investigator smoking). I hope we return in the near future.

Bryan Kaplan:I found this to be an interesting investigation. There is definately some paranormal activity at this particular location. There was some EVP phenomena found as well. I definately believe a second visit (with video) would be a great idea.

Becky Ray:On this investigation I used a digital camera capable of video and still images.
Almost immediately after arriving at the location things started to happen. As the owner gave us a walk-through tour Miranda and Jennifer heard a bang coming from the restaurant area. Everyone in the building was with us in the bar area. As Miranda did a sweep of the bar for EMF baseline readings, she reported a high reading near where Bryan was saying he had an odd feeling. This location was in the normal range for the rest of the night.
While we sat vigil in the bar area several people present started hearing the sounds of people talking, like you expect to hear in a bar, only no one was present.
In the banquet room it was reported that the owner's son had seen a purplish "orb" move through the room. We went to this area next. We sat vigil there and people continued to report hearing voices, and several people started hearing music playing. As I asked questions to try to obtain EVP, there seemed to be some sort of reaction to my questions. Sometimes different people would hear a voice response, and sometimes we would just hear knocks. Sometimes the voice heard would sound female, and other times it would be a definite male voice. I heard what sounded like soft soled shoes walking across the floor back in the corner of the room. Angela Collins heard what she described as piano music, while Angela Zangara said she was hearing a guitar and/or a an entire band.
After discussing hearing both a male and female voice, I asked if anyone else was present. Several of us, myself included heard an audio response of, "I am!"
When we changed positions in the room, it seemed to stop the activity, but as we were checking out the back area where I had heard footsteps, Angela Z saw a shadow in the flash from another person's camera. Unfortunately nothing was captured in any of the photos. Before leaving this area we set up a few cups for a control experiment to see if anything was moved when we returned.
The apartments above the business have not been used for anything but storage for nearly 30 years, but yet footsteps of people walking around are heard in the bar area. We went up and checked this area out, but didn't spend a lot of time there due to the dusty conditions. However as I stood in the doorway to one of the rooms I saw the figure of a dark haired Caucasian male standing in the corner of the room next door. I immediately turned and took a photo but nothing appeared. When we return I hope to come prepared to spend more time in this area.
We are still reviewing photos and audio recordings from this night, and I'm excited to return!


Jennifer Sprague:On this investigation I was note taker for the group and I also brought my 35 ml disposable camera for pictures. I do have to say that many interesting things happened on this investigation. We had some interesting fluctation in electro magnetic field spikes during various evp sessions and at one point a high spike in one area around Bryan at a time when he said he felt something strange. Numerous investigators at one time or the other heard some sort of music playing as well as a male and female voice. Various knocks and ticks were hear to and some of them seemed to be in response to our evp questions. For me personally, I did hear at times what sounded like a faint piano playing and inaudible talking, I could not, at the time, tell if it was a man or a woman, however, at one point I did hear a strong presence of a voice and what seemed like a woman's sigh, and it was so audible at the time that it took me completely by surprise. Through out the night other investigators did appear to be feeling presences and noticing images and shadow like figures of people as well on this investigation. I did not notice anything or feel anything strange throughout the rest of the investigation until I came to a certain room in an abandoned area on top of the location we were at, but it soon faded. At this time I am in the process of reviewing pictures taken from the investigation and awaiting to review other evidence. I will post pictures if I find anyting interesting. I really look forward to going back to this location for a follow up investigation!!

Miranda Stark:I think we can all agree that this was one active location, if for nothing else but at least the residual energies. During the first group EVP session, the majority (if not everyone) present was witness to numerous voices, and even music. We were all startled by some of these voices at times, for how clearly they could be heard. Most of the time, it seems as though we were being joined by an unseen female presence, though at a few times, we all specifically heard a strong male voice struggling to be heard in short, single syllable responses to our questions. Also, I had my EMF (electromagnetic field) detector set up on the table to monitor atmospheric fluctuations during the session, and it seemed to reveal some very iteresting responses at certain times of questioning. Though my photographs during this particular EVP session were unsuccessful in producing the image of any of our invisible friends, they made themselves known to everyone in various other ways, including two visual manifestations which appeared to at least two other investigators later in the evening. None of my photos from this location during the entire investigation turned up any evidence. This location seems to have it's fair share of activity in my opinion, and I will place my vote hands-down on some residual energy being contained here, if not even possibly at least one or maybe two inteligent presences. I hope some of the other investigators were able to capture evidence to support this.

No EVPS for this Investigation at this time
No VIDEOS for this Investigation at this time
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