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Location Information

Date:11th November, 2006     Type:Residential

Location Home     City/State:Sedalia, MO

Investigation Times:07:30 PM - 12:00 AM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:06:51 AM   Sunset:05:03 PM

High Temperature:45 °F   Low Temperature:28 °F

Sky Condition:Clear   Wind:NW at 15 mph

Humidity:88%   Precipitation:0%

Lunar Phase:Waning Gibbous   % disk visible:60%

Solar X-Rays:Normal   Geomagnetic Field:Unsettled

Pressure:30.29 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Kevin Glasow

Angela Hodge

Becky Ray

Sarah Schroeder

Jennifer Sprague

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Investigators Notes

Kevin Glasow:Our investigation started with a tour from Doc and Pookie through the house. Immediately following equipment set up we made the decision to start with EVP/Pictures in the attic. During that time we all attempted asking questions. Although I caught no actual EVP during any of the sessions up there, we all did have a prevailing feeling of nausea and dizziness. The first interesting events happened when we broke up into opposite sides of the room. During that time we heard what sounds like knocking from inside the room. Afterwards Jennifer reported what might have been something touching her back [though it was more then likely her shirt pulling], Sarah smelled something odd, and Angelia felt scratches on her forearms. The last is particularly interesting as one of the stories Pookie told was of the sensitive experiencing something similar. Angelia's arms were warm to the touch, although no marks were seen. My audio was left for EVP purposes. The rest of the night continued to be interesting. Both Becky and Angelia reported seeing a male figure, however at different times and different places. The dining room had it's own interesting occurrences. Both a hanging plant and the curtains seemed to move on their own accord. We had odd EMF readings where there was no discernable source. At one point during the EVP session Angelia felt a weight on her, during the same time Jennifer had some odd EMF readings around her back [later, Pookie told us that while we were talking about this she felt the same weight, and continued to until that session broke up]. I'm still reviewing audio, but I've caught nothing so far on still photos or my few video clips.

Angela Hodge:First off Thanks Doc and Pooky for allowing us to come out and check out an Awesome house. I love houses like those. ****** The investigation I thought went pretty good. *** During the walk-thru I kept getting a feeling that a little boy was upstairs and that he like all the stuffed animals. I asked why so many stuff animals cause I thought they had a little children but to find out nope. Also felt something in the dining room not sure what but it made feel uneasy but not enough to get me to leave. I kept feeling parched as I was walking thru the house. Water never seem to quench my thirst either. It just felt strange. ********** We started up in the attic which is a bedroom. We decided to do some evp work our first round of questions seemed to be unresposive but when Kevin started asking questions about WAR I started to feel scratches on my right arm on the underside near my wrist. I noticed that just my forearms and palms were extremely hot. I asked Becky to look at my arm because I really started to notice the scratching feeling. It felt almost like sharp cat scratches. I kept rubbing my wrist area and felt like I could feel the scratches raise up but when I got into the light I could see them as much as I felt them. Sarah and few others took pictures of my arm. I hope something showed up because that was definitly weird. **** When we went to the 2nd floor we checked out 2 of the 4 rooms and nothing was out of the norm there. We were told that they saw something on the 2nd floor near the bathroom but when checked it out nothing came up on EMF or Digital. **** We decide to check out the dining room, when we did our walk-thru I noticed something was not quite right when walking thru. I felt dizzy to the point I needed to sit down, but I didn't. The windows kept making feel uneasy. 1 out of the 3 still needed to be replaced since it was still an orginal window. When I would walk by it just gave me an uneasy feeling. I kept getting a feeling of an older woman was in the room. When we decided to sit down at the table and do some more EVP work again. Just asking questions in a roundtable type of enviroment. I noticed immediatly that something was in the room. We had some really werid EMF readings going on also. Prior to the strange EMF reading I just did a sweep thru and not one spike on the meter reading that would cause an alarm,so it was strange for it to just go off in one area when not even 2 minutes ago it was reading nothing. -------Back to the EVP in the dining room. When Jennifer and Sarah started asking questions I started to feel a bit strange. I noticed that I got hot but there was air blowing right next to me. I noticed that my back and around my chest area felt tight. Sarah decided to check my pulse and it was a bit higher then normal but nothing to be alarmed about. After she went back to her chair, I still felt the tightness around my chest. It felt like (since I'm a woman I'll describe as I can put it in words) felt like when you wear a bra that's a bit too tight like a strapless one. I kept feeling like I need to sit up straight and something kept pushing me forward like to push everything up and in. Doc or Pooky mentioned that someone else has described a corset type of outfit in that room. So maybe something was trying to tell me what she had on. It didn't last too long but enough for all of us to wonder. --- I also kept hearing voices near the foyer area. We would ask the family if they were talking and they just looked at us and shook there heads. ( Pooky mentioned later that she felt something very heavy on her back when I was feeling the tightness around the chest area) Thru-out the EVP in the dining room we all at different times heard something that could not be explained. I also noticed a black shadow pass from the dining room to the kitchen area, there is a little room near the dining room and the kitchen that connects the room and that is where I saw something. **** Finally we decided to do one more sweep up in the attic and at that time nothing really happened that I noticed out of the norm. ***** Oh one last thing before I end. Before we went up to the attic bedroom we were allowed to go into one more bedroom on the 2nd floor when we all came out of the bedroom, I turned and noticed that there was a man standing there just looking back at us. I was fumbling for my camera and snapped a photo but did not catch anything. I mentioned to the group and someone else mentioned they felt like a man was here with us. He looked to be about 6ft tall and and older gentleman in his 40-or 50's not quite wrinkled in the face but just and older man. There was a cam that maybe caught something. ********************************************************** All in All I would say something is there just don't know what. Would be interesting to check it out again someday. Thanks again.


Becky Ray:On this investigation the equipment I used was a standard 35mm still camera, 8mm IR video camera, motion activated camera, and EMF meters.
On our first walk through of the home, I felt as if we were being watched in several locations, and not from the web cams in the various rooms. While we were taking a break in the kitchen I thought I saw a figure of a male standing in the doorway, which was not any of the people present. This person appeared to be wearing all grey and was about six foot tall. It may have been a trick of light, but the features were pretty clear, he had dark hair and dark eyes.
I'm reviewing my film and will post any findings.


Sarah Schroeder:First of all, let me please take the time to extend a huge, warm thank you to Doc, Pooky and the family for allowing us to investigation such an amazingly beautiful home! Thank you so much yet again!! :) Ok, now on with my notes! ~~~~ I was fortunate to be the lead investigator for this case! I used a 35mm Digital Kodak Easy Share camera, and a Radio Shack Microcassette recorder. After we arrived at the house, Pooky gave us a very detailed walkthrough which really helped us to get a feel for the property. I will not go into detail about the history of the house due to the fact that it is posted on the asylum cam site at: During the walkthrough, Angela and I commented to each other about how the dining room just did not feel right. It felt very heavy, as if something or someone was in there; and, the attic as well felt to be a very heavy place as well. During the walkthrough, I also had a sensation of my backside being pinched when I was standing with my back to the bathroom on the second floor. This happened again later in the investigation as well in the same location. With that said, I decided to have a video camera of our own placed in the dining room capturing the dining room facing to the living room and the corner of the TV which is rumored to be a quite active spot. (Video is still under review at this time). We started our investigation in the attic of the house. We took several still photos, and did EVP work. At the first part of the EVP session, we were all basically sitting in the middle of the room. Per the walkthrough, Pooky and one of her daughters had stated that when they had their respective beds placed in the alcoves of their room that they never felt comfortable in those areas. Being as such, I suggested that two members sit in each alcove with Keving staying in the middle of the room. We then started doing EVP once again. After Kevin asked some questions pertaining to veterans day and war, there were a few banging sounds heard in the attic (with a popping sound behind Jennifer), and then Jennifer looked really startled and asked if I had touched her back. I had not, and her shirt appeared to be tight on her back and not loose which could lend to that sensation. Additionally, several of the members felt very dizzy and ill after the questions that Kevin asked with no reasonable explanation as to why. At this time, I smelled something very odd. For about 5 seconds, I smelled something that is best described as extremely bad breath combined with the smell of burning metal. It was brief, but definately disgusting. At this same time, Angela commented how she felt the sensation of sharp scratches on her arms. Her forearms were hot to the touch and upon examination, no scratches were seen. Photos were taken, and no scratches are to be found. He arms eventually cooled after several minutes. As we were leaving, we left a motion activated 35mm camera focused on the steps (the family reports feeling the sensation of not being alone on the steps), and audio to run continously in hopes of obtaining an EVP. After the attic, we took a short break to enjoy some of Doc's WONDERFUL chili that he had prepared for us, and during this time, Becky saw a figure of a man standing in the doorway to the kitchen dressed in gray. We then made our way to the second floor and took pictures of some more of the bedrooms. Angela saw the face of a middled aged man near one of the webcams as this time. We moved our investigation to the basement and did some EVP work. Nothing of note in this location of the house, other than the fact that the two figures dressed in white and red for halloween startled me greatly when I turned around and saw them! (Angela posted a picture of them in the photographs section of this investigation) After the basement, we then moved to the dining room of the house. The family graciously muted/turned off the TV and we did some EVP work and took several still photos as well. Angela commented on feeling as if she was wearing a corset with a tight sensation on her chest, and EMF readings showed a spike near her. Several members heard a man whispering behind me on occassions and at other times coming from the living room. The family had not spoken, nor were there outside sounds coming into the house. At one point, I said "Show yourself!" And Pooky commented on feeling as if she had a very heavy weight on her body after that fact and until we left the dining room. The plant hanging in the dining room was beginning to swirl about during our investigation as well as the drapes making movement from an unknown source. Angela commented that she had seen an unknown black object move in the doorway from the dining room to the mudroom at this time. I felt dizzy at one point during the dining room investigation as well. We decided to return back to the attic at the end of the investigation to do some more EVP work, and capture some more photo stills. At this time while we were doing EVP, kevin had the sensation of something being on/around his neck. Nothing else to note. I am still reviewing my audio and have posted some photo's of note on this webpage from the investigation.


Jennifer Sprague:First I want to thank the wonderful owners of this home for inviting us to come in and investigate. They were such great people and so kind! On this investigation I used a Gause meter, emf detector and an audio recorder. Im in the process of reviewing audio footage and will post any of my findings or evps ( electronic voice phenomenas) that I come across as soon as possible. After initially doing a walk through of the house we began doing base emf readings in the attic and then moved on to doing an evp session. While asking questions during the evp session, at one point I became a little dizzy. This also happened to more than one member during this time. It is important to note I had been feeling fine all day and I was not getting over any sort of sickness or anything of that nature. There were no incredibly high emf leakages or spikes that I noticed at the time that would contribute to my dizziness. This experience also happened to a couple of other members too. As to what caused my dizziness during the evp session- I am still unsure. Im not quite sure if it was actually something paranormal or something else but I thought it was interesting enough to note. Also during this session Angela said that she was having a scratching sensation on her arms.. like that of a cat. We all took a look at her arms and noticed that they were considerably giving off some heat- but no scratches appeared at the time. At this time, I started to have a weird tingling sensation around my right wrist.. but nothing on my wrist changed. Im not sure if this was just a reaction because of what was happeneing to Angela or not, but thought it was interesting to note. Later on in the investigation we moved down stairs-where a lot of the members felt a sense of somebody watching them. It was at this point Angela felt a pressure on her neck and upper body.. after doing a base sweep with the emf detector and Gause meter. I went over to Angela and did some readings around her with the Gause meter. I did notice that it jumped a couple of notches to a 2 while Angela was having these feelings but then later on went down. I checked the floor, the wall and other things around her and didnt get any jumps in the readings until I was around her. I, myself, didnt get any strange sensations around her while I was doing the readings. Im not sure if this was something paranormal or something having to do physically with Angela. I do think that her experience was an interesting note to add. We also did an evp session downstairs I will post my findings soon!

Take The Money Honey - 11th November, 2006 - Home
00:00 / 00:00

We had arrived in the attic part of the house and Becky and myself were discussing which was the best location for the motion activated camera. Right after we both decided on the angle, a voice was heard on playback saying, "Take the Money Honey."

Submitted by Sarah

Extracted Take the Money Honey - 11th November, 2006 - Home
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This is an extracted version of "Take the Money Honey."

Submitted by Sarah

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