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Edinburgh Manor, Visit 2

Location Information

Date: 29 April 2023     Type: Historic Building

Location Title: Edinburgh Manor

City/State: Scotch Grove, Iowa

Investigation Times: 8:00 PM - 1:00 AM

Status: Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise: 6:01 AM   Sunset: 8:00 PM

High Temperature: 54 °F   Low Temperature: 41 °F

Sky Condition: Cloudy  Wind: NW at 12 mph

Humidity: 65%   Precipitation: 0.09

Lunar Phase: Waxing Gibbous  % disk visible: 69%

Solar X-Rays: Normal   Geomagnetic Field: Storm

Pressure: 28.65 mmHg  

Investigators Present

Jennifer Sprague
Becky Ray

Christina Quentin

Edward Quentin
Greg Payne
Sarah Crowe



The town of Edinburgh was originally the county seat of Jones County. In June 1840, the land located at section 36 in Wayne Township was originally deeded for courthouse purposes, with the grant being signed by President Buchanan. Shortly after this grant, the county seat was changed from Edinburgh, and the commissioners kept the grant for the establishment of the County Poor Farm. Described as a "comfortable retreat for the lazy, able-bodied and willingly dependent applicants," the Poor Farm housed the poor, incurably insane, and disabled. Tenants were given shelter and food for their labor. They would farm agriculture and livestock. The poor farm was in operation from 1850 to 1910, and during that time, there were over 150+ documented deaths on the property.

In 1910, the poor farm closed down and was demolished. Edinburgh Manor was then constructed from 1910 to 1911 to house the incurably insane, the poor, and the elderly. Edinburgh Manor also referred to as The Manor, was in operation until November 2010.

Medical documents and personal belongings can still be found in The Manor. When the last patients and employees left the building in 2010, they never returned.


Investigator's Notes

Jennifer, Lead Investigator: 

Previous Investigations at this Location:

Edinburgh Manor, August 29, 2021

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