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Former Nursing Home - Independence, MO

Location Information

Date:27th August, 2005     Type:Business

Location Title:Former Nursing Home     City/State:Independence, MO

Investigation Times:08:00 PM - 11:15 PM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:06:42 AM   Sunset:07:55 PM

High Temperature:87 °F   Low Temperature:69 °F

Sky Condition:Clear   Wind:SSE at 1 mph

Humidity:100%   Precipitation:0%

Lunar Phase:Last Quarter   % disk visible:40%

Solar X-Rays:Active   Geomagnetic Field:Unsettled

Pressure:29.88 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Jenny Kerr

Kelli Patrick

Becky Ray

Miranda Stark

Question: How long have you lived here?

Answer: Five years


Question: When did the phenomena start?

Answer: Same time


Question: Any certain hour of the day or certain rooms?

Answer: All of the time, but mostly around 12-3am


Question: Any visual apparations?

Answer: yes


Question: How do the visual apparitions appear?

Answer: shadows


Question: Any sounds?

Answer: footsteps


Question: Any rappings or knockings?

Answer: doors slam open and shut, very hard


Question: Any voices? What do they say?

Answer: sounds, people talking i.e. "Get out", "I am sad"


Question: Any physical attacks?

Answer: night watchman had his ankles broken (twisting fractures) and others have been pushed on the stairs and broke their ankles


Question: How did you find out about the group?

Answer: We contacted the owners


Question: How far back can you trace the history of the property?

Answer: 1930's, but a psychic says it was here during the Civil War


Question: Have there been any deaths or violent occurances in the the property?

Answer: yes, it was a nursing home and a lot of abuse and possible murder took place


Investigators Notes

Jenny Kerr:A very sad house indeed. Upon entering the business from the north door I had an overwhelming feeling of uneasiness. I did take along my Epson digital camera but the batteries were dead. So I was unable to take any photos. After the intial walk through Kelli and I took the 2nd floor while Miranda and Becky took the downstairs. I definately did not want to be alone, even though Kell and I walked through each room together I felt like I needed to look behind me to make sure Kell was there. We had nothing significant happen downstairs so to the third floor we went. We were told to watch our steps on the stairs since the ghosts that resided there like to trip you up, but we all came out unscathed. On the third floor was were the rich had the priveledge to have a room to their self even if it was the size of a walk in closet. Nothing significant was experience up here. We all switched floors and Kell and I went downstairs to the basement area. And neither one of us wanted to, it was just a place we felt like we did not want to be. And nothing significant happened down here either. All in all the home had a lot of negative energy to it, a creepy crawly feeling. Always someone else with you feeling. Sadness. Even when I used the restroom I didn't want to be alone, although the other girls where just outside the door sitting in the waiting room. If we had more time I would like to return again and stay a little longer, but not by myself!

Kelli Patrick:Equipment used: laser thermometer, 35 mm camera, Sony Nightshot video camera. Team 1-Becky and Miranda Team 2-Jenny and Kelli When we arrived and during the walk thru phase of the investigation, I didn't have any problems, but when it was time to split up into pairs, I felt like I DID NOT want to go downstairs or upstairs. I never have problems with this. Once, I got upstairs I was fine. I feared going there. We went around the place several times and that fear was not there. My laser thermometer showed readings of 70-74, when it felt like it was in the 80's in the rooms. When it was cool i.e. the basement, the thermometer showed high 70's. Becky got this too. We talked about it after the fact. I placed my video camera at the base of the stairs leading up to the upstairs part. Nothing out of the ordinary was recorded on video. I took a couple of pictures in the rooms upstairs. Nothing paranormal found on video or 35mm film.


Becky Ray:There is definitely "something" going on at this location. Everywhere we went I felt as though we were being watched, and by more than one person. 
I personally felt the most uneasy in the basement. We were told that when this was a nursing home this is where the poor and unvisited were kept on cots in a large room rather then on beds. Allegedly these poor people were kept just well enough to stay alive so that the institution could collect their welfare money each month. 
As Miranda and I were walking up the main stairway to the top floor, my EMF detector alarmed on the fourth step from the bottom. As I moved about on the staircase to try to find a cause for the alarm, the owner's kitten joined me on the step. This kitten had been following me all night as we walked about the building. I was keeping a close eye on him for his reactions to things. He hadn't been next to me on the step very long before something spooked him and he ran quickly away. 
Something else I noted about the kitten was that he didn't like to be alone on any floor except the main one. When he went downstairs and upstairs with us. If he was distracted and didn't see us leave a room, he'd panic and mew until I came back and showed him where we were.
I am waiting to get my photos developed and will post more when I have reviewed them.


Miranda Stark:This building was once a nursing home in the early 1900's until just as currently as the last fifteen years when it was shut down for abuse charges. The place is now a private residence and a portion of it is used as a modern natural healing facility. The owners complain of rappings, knockings, loud banging, footsteps and running, voices, doors slamming, and just a general feeling of negativity. The basement was the focus of alot of sad energy when in it's original state poor, or unfunded patients would be left neglected on cots lining the walls, as they suffered untreated ailments. This area definitely held some thick, heavy, vibes for me. I felt a sense of suffocation, as if my breathing were being affected. None of my photos in that area show anything out of the ordinary, though. The main staircase on the first floor is where alot of activity is reported to be heard and felt. When Becky and I were slowly walking up these stairs, her cell-sensor suddenly alerted, and I was also able to get EMF readings in the very same spot. There was a kitten in the house that had been following us all evening, but at this point he acted strangely by suddenly turning around and running away. A digital photo of this area reveals a white orb hovering in the exact place where the readings were coming from, the area of about the fourth stair. Kelli concluded that this all was caused by electrical wiring in the wall, which is possible, but I disagree, because of the kitten's behavior, and the orb that coincidentally appeared in correspondence with the reading we were getting.

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