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Former Unity Inn

Location Information

Date:30th October, 2004     Type:Business

Location Title:Former Unity Inn     City/State:Kansas City, MO

Investigation Times:06:00 PM - 10:00 PM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:07:44 AM   Sunset:06:19 PM

High Temperature:64 °F   Low Temperature:53 °F

Sky Condition:Clear   Wind:SW at 9 mph

Humidity:52%   Precipitation:0%

Lunar Phase:Waning Gibbous   % disk visible:95%

Solar X-Rays:X Class Flare   Geomagnetic Field:Unsettled


Investigators Present

Jenny Kerr

Brianne Larkin

Mike Larkin

Beth McLenaghan

Hugh McLenaghan

Kelli Patrick

Becky Ray

Question: How long have you lived here?

Answer: Been owners for the past year and a half.


Question: When did the phenomena start?

Answer: Have noticed activity for the past year.


Question: Any certain hour of the day or certain rooms?

Answer: Seems to be most active in the upstairs ballroom.


Question: Any sounds?

Answer: Sounds of heavy objects moving overhead, when nothing has been moved.


Question: Are you or any member of the family under stress?

Answer: No.


Question: Any past investigations, priests or clergy?

Answer: None known of.


Question: Any use of Ouija boards, seances, automatic writing, etc?

Answer: None known of.


Question: Have you taken any courses in parapsychology or have knowledge of?

Answer: Some knowledge.


Question: Did previous occupants, neighbors or landlords know of phenomena?

Answer: No previous occupants or neighbors reported anything, but have not confirmed yet.


Question: How did you find out about the group?

Answer: Met them at the AGS Conference last June.


Question: How far back can you trace the history of the property?

Answer: At least 1920, in the process of gathering further history.


Question: Have there been any deaths or violent occurances in the the property?

Answer: Not that have been discovered yet.

Investigators Notes

Jenny Kerr:I brought along my Epson PhotoPC 3100 digital camera to take a total of 78 photo's but only two(2) photos produced nice bright orbs. At a point in the investigation Kelli, Beth and myself had gone down to the 1st floor storage area to look around and take photos, and that's where I captured these anomalies. A bit later Beth had returned upstairs to the others and Kelli and I remained on the 1st floor talking and taking photos. Our conversation was interupted with a heavy, sliding noise that sounded as though someone had moved a piece of furniture across the floor above our heads on the 2nd floor. On the second floor is the ballroom but it is being renovated and there is no furniture. When we very first arrived Beth had mentioned she had heard a very similar noise, but we had yet to even tour the building at that point, we were all together.


Beth McLenaghan:Fascinating space- felt a pull in a hanfful of spaces- especially in the large "ballroom" space on the second floor. Twice, I felt a strong "burble" of energy build, and asked for a photo to be taken, and captured something odd in the photo. (All digital pictures.) Became ill with bronchitis the next day- so am unable to say that anything unusual I experienced feeling-wise was paranormal or bronchial in nature. Could have been the hotdog I had for dinner, too... =)


Kelli Patrick:I used my EMF meter, 35mm camera, and nightshot video camera. I placed the camera in the second floor bathroom off of the stage. I didn't get anything with both. It was a great building to go through though. I developed one role of 35mm film and didn't get anything i.e. orbs or mist. Nothing found on video.


Becky Ray:The Former Unity Inn sits proudly in a very unlikely neighborhood. In her prime, she must have been a sight to see! I am still involved in researching the exact history of the gorgeous building, but what is known today is that it was Kansas City’s original vegetarian restaurant, and second floor houses a beautiful dome ceiling ballroom that was once used as a dinner theatre. 9200 square feet in all, this hidden beauty seems to hold far more secrets than her secluded but historic location. 
We arrived at the building before sundown to get to know the place due to the present lack of electricity in the building. After a walkthrough of the basement, lower level, ballroom, and a short look at the attic, we divided for a short time into teams to explore and see what could be found. 
I began with the owner and PAI member Mike Larkin in the basement as I expected it to be fairly quiet. It did seem that way for a while, but then our EMF meters kept picking up activity near all of upper holes in the walls leading to crawl spaces under the building. Remember, this building not only has no electricity, but also no heating, no running water, or any functioning utility of any kind. This seemed to hold true for all of the crawl spaces and even a bricked in window area of the basement. I tried to find other causes for the meter alarms, but every theory I came up with was disproved. After a while, these "hot spots" began moving as we did. Areas that had formerly not picked up anything began to alarm beyond what would normally be considered "paranormal" levels. But considering there wasn't anything else to set them off, I'm not sure what to think! Except that I can't wait to go back, and maybe I'll come mentally prepared to venture into one of the crawl spaces this time.
Next, we did a walk through of the lower level and then the ballroom. This trip was uneventful as we witnessed nothing, and all meters were silent. However, this would not be true for the ballroom later in the night. Read on.
At this point, the owner ventured up into the attic while I held the ladder and witnessed from there. She found several old requisition forms and newspaper scraps and clippings from the late 1910s and 1920s that were quite fascinating! There truly is a lot of history in this beautiful building. Also while in the attic, her EMF alarm sounded as she scanned an old Nativity display.
As I stated a bit back, later in the night in the ballroom where we were getting zero readings earlier, several EMF meters alarmed on and off as areas moved around near the area if the bar where there had been no readings a few hours earlier. I searched for any possible cause for these alarms, and there are power lines outside, but these lines did not set off my alarm when I tested them on my initial trip through, and the locations did continue to move as well. If possible, I will try to post some of this video on our site.
I definitely came away from this building feeling that a second investigation is warranted if possible, as something is happening there and I would like to investigate further to try to determine what, or who it is!

No EVPS for this Investigation at this time
No VIDEOS for this Investigation at this time
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