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Glore Psychiatric Museum - Visit 2

Location Information

Date:7th December, 2012     Type:Business

Location Title:Glore Psychiatric Museum - Visit 2     City/State:St Joseph, MO

Investigation Times:09:00 PM - 12:15 AM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:07:27 AM   Sunset:04:54 AM

High Temperature:47 °F   Low Temperature:33 °F

Sky Condition:Overcast   Wind:NNW at 5 mph

Humidity:100%   Precipitation:%

Lunar Phase:Last Quarter   % disk visible:35%

Solar X-Rays:Active   Geomagnetic Field:Quiet

Pressure:29.93 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Christina Anderson

James Henderson

Angela Hodge

Laura Moon

Becky Ray

Kevin Simpson

Jennifer Sprague

Investigators Notes

Christina Anderson:This was the second visit to this location, and certainly more intense than the previous visit. Because of our privacy policies, we cannot reveal this location's name or any other identifying information. I will state that this building has a very long history, and was not necessarily a happy place. The evening began quietly. On the first floor, we really didn't see or experience anything, and on the first walk through of the second floor, it was unremarkable other than the fascinating displays. The third floor was quiet as well. Upon our return to the second floor, we opted to remain in a room with a large historical display that included items that had actually been in use previously. It was here, as I stood against a wall, that I began to feel like my hair was being played with. If I stepped away, the sensation went away. At one point, it felt like someone was picking up individual hairs and tugging on them. I requested that Becky take my place. As she stood there, she had the same thing happen, and you could actually see the strands of hair lifting. In addition, she mentioned that she felt sick. Kevin, on the opposite wall, began to feel ill as well. As my legs were starting to hurt a little, I decided to take a seat on the floor by the wall opposite of where Becky stood. It was here that several of us felt what seemed to be a mass of energy and cold air. There were no vents in this area that could have produced the mass, and the emf field had previously been quiet. Several members had small emf spikes. With no warning, I was suddenly overcome with what I can only describe as despair. Previously, my mood had been very level, and upbeat. But this sudden emotional shift was strong enough that it brought me to tears. I have never felt anything like it before. After this point, we all opted to move down the hall, to another section containing displays and offices where gurney wheels had been reported to have been heard at night. In this section, Jennifer, Kevin, and I all heard what sounded like a child's laughter. Jennifer and I began to sing nursery songs as a way to potentially encourage responses. The laughter was heard a second time. Kevin, sitting by a wall, felt like something climbed in his lap. At this time, Becky and Laura began to feel sick, as though their senses were altered, and the atmosphere got much heavier and seemed oppressive. Kevin had a similar emotional response to what was happening here as I had in the previous room. Also here, Angela experienced her hair being played with, and it was visibly being lifted from her head. We took some time to visit the basement, and although on the previous visit, I felt perfectly fine inside of the morgue, this time I could not seem to bring myself to go inside. I felt ill, and that sensation was stronger the closer I got to the morgue. As soon as we exited the basement, I felt fine. Again, the EMF field in this area is normally quiet. We returned to the large room on the second floor with the displays, and I, along with other members, heard what could only be described as gurney wheels. The sound started in the area of the offices down the hall and got louder, as though it was coming closer. If anything was actually coming down the hall, it would have been easily visible. The sound stopped at what seemed like a distance of about 15 feet from the entrance of the room, then began again, seeming like it was back down the hall. This repeated multiple time, and no explanation could be found. There is no equipment in this part of the building that would have made this kind of sound, and the HVAC system made much different noises. After this occurance, it was time to pack up and leave for the night. These experiences were far different from our previous visit, and extremely compelling. I would love to go back, and see what transpires a third time. I am still in the process of evidence review, and when that is complete, I will post any EVPs I find.


Jennifer Sprague:This was a very interesting investigation! A lot of personal experiences were witnessed. Due to personal request the location name and address will not be listed. We always respect these wishes as we are very honored to be able to investigate such areas. There were three floors to this building and all three floors had reports of activity. We are currently reviewing all audio and video footage. I have reviewed my audio and believe I may have captured some electronic voice phenomena. After our group has reviewed my audio, I will post my findings. Most of the personal experiences were experienced on the second floor. Many group members reported having a physical and emotional reaction to the area as well as reporting the feeling of being touched. There was little fluctuation with our emf and k2 meters until these occurrences started to happen. Both meters gave off quick spikes during these occurrences. Although there were no windows or any usage of the heating or cooling systems during this time, there seemed to be the strange occurrence of an ambient breeze as if somebody was quickly walking past. Our group could find no explanation of where these breezes were coming from and they seemed to occur in conjunction with the reported experiences. I, along with other members of the group, felt these breezes and they seemed to occur at the same time all these personal experiences were happening. I, along with Christina and Kevin, heard some sort of child like laughter coming from down the hall of the second floor and others reported what sounded like the wheels of a gurney coming down the hallway. According to the building's history it was not uncommon for children to have stayed in this area. As we moved down towards the end of the hallway, another member of our group, Kevin, reported the sense of being touched. We did have some strange spikes in our meters during this time as well, but could find no logical reasoning of what could be causing those spikes since we knew where the natural and electrical emf spikes in that area were located. It was also during this time that another member of our group, Angela, reported the feeling of being hot as if there was some sort of static charge running through her body. Another member of our group Becky, also reported the feeling of her senses being somewhat altered. When we traveled to the bottom area, the morgue area, I, myself, felt that this area was very heavy feeling. It almost felt like I was weighted down with blankets it was at this time that two other members, Laura and Becky, both said they felt the need to vomit. We observed no unusual spikes in our equipment in this area and could find no explainable reason as to why either of us felt this way. There were no unusual experiences or spikes in our equipment on the third floor and during that night's investigation it seemed to be the most quietest relative to activity. We all definitely look forward to going back sometime in the future and cant thank those involved in allowing us to come out.

Previous Investigations at this Location

Glore Psychiatric Museum - Visit 1, 26th March, 2010

Goodbye - 7th December, 2012 - Glore Psychiatric Museum - Visit 2
00:00 / 00:00

This EVP was caught during the last part of our initial walk through which was on the third floor. This was caught right before we headed down to start the actual investigation. You can hear the audio after the tour guide is talking and walking away.

Submitted by Jennifer

Hi and Chant - 7th December, 2012 - Glore Psychiatric Museum - Visit 2
00:00 / 00:00

This was located on the second floor. You will hear in the background a man saying "hi" right after I chuckle. All the men in our group were at the front and it was none of them, they could be seen. Then you will hear what sounds like some sort of chant and drum beat that follows in the background that I am not able to make out.

Submitted by Christina

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