Haun's Mill Massacre Site - Visit 2

Location Information

Date:11th September, 2015     Type:Cemetery

Location Title:Haun's Mill Massacre Site - Visit 2     City/State:Fairview Township, MO

Investigation Times:07:10 PM - 08:30 PM     Status:Analysis

Weather Information

Sunrise:06:54 AM   Sunset:08:32 PM

High Temperature:69 °F   Low Temperature:53 °F

Sky Condition:Clear   Wind:NNW at 8 mph

Humidity:100%   Precipitation:%

Lunar Phase:Waning Crescent   % disk visible:2%

Solar X-Rays:Active   Geomagnetic Field:Storm

Pressure:30.1 mmHg  

Investigators Present

Becky Ray

Lisa Sperry

Jennifer Sprague

Miranda Stark

Location History

The Haun's Mill massacre was an event in the history of the Latter Day Saint movement. It occurred on October 30, 1838 when a mob/militia unit from Livingston County attacked a Mormon settlement in eastern Caldwell County, Missouri, United States, after the Battle of Crooked River. By far the bloodiest event in the 1838 Mormon War in Missouri, it has long been remembered by the members of the Latter Day Saint movement. The fifty-five men known by name to be involved were never prosecuted.

Investigators Notes

Becky Ray:This was a very short, but eventful investigation. We arrived at the site just at sunset and I was able to get a few photos before it was dark. 
We came prepared for the mud and loud insects remembering our first visit to the site. 
We attempted to draw out any activity by playing a well known hymn, and while that was playing Lisa reported seeing what looked like people coming out of the woods and into the open area. While she was seeing that I spotted what looked like a mist on my video camera.
Lisa then read the 13 Articles of Faith. As she was reading this I became very aware that we were being watched by animals. At first the coyotes were howling softly, but they got closer and louder. I then realized I could hear them moving in the wooded area next to the car. Miranda also noticed how close they had become and we decided to load up the vehicle and leave for our own safety. 
We do plan to return to the site for a third investigation and will probably try to get there during daylight hours.

Lisa Sperry:My first onsite investigation was short and sweet. We arrived at Haun's Mill just as the sun was setting. Just after sunset Jennifer noticed a shadow at the end of the road, she pointed it out to me. I saw what looked like a shadow low to the ground, it seemed to be pacing back and fourth at the base of the weeds at the end of the road. I now believe this to have been a coyote. We also observed a white mist in the center of the half circle shaped field, this could have been a result of our eyes adjusting to the recently lost sunlight. 
Once Becky had set up her tripod/camera equipment, Jennifer began to play "I Am A Child of God" performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The energy began to built in the area, I saw what I thought at first to be a shadow in the trees. I then saw what looked to be the outline of the brim of a hat, and very tall very thin man walking across the center of the field directly toward us. There appeared to be a mist around him and more silhouette's just behind him. The movement halted midfield and did not move again. Once the song ended, I began to read the Thirteen Articles of Faith by Joseph Smith, founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I continued to read until I sensed Miranda's urgency about the increasingly loud coyote howls and the movement in the weeds nearest us. I ceased to read and we packed up the car in less than a minute and I drove us out of the area. 
I look forward to seeing the IR, as I have never had the opportunity to see a live coyote.

Jennifer Sprague:We arrived a little before sundown. While investigation equipment was being set up, I thought I had seen some movement within the tree lines of the woods near the historical marker, but could not determine if what I was seeing was paranormal or just my eyes adjusting. After we set up investigation equipment, I played "I am a child of God" by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I used this piece of music with respect to the history of this site. After that Lisa began reading a list of beliefs of the Mormon religion that John Smith delivered to a newspaper. It was then that we began to hear a pack of coyotes howl and get closer to our area, so for safety we left the area. I do look forward to going again, possibly during the day time.

Miranda Stark:We drove in to the site of the "Haun's Mill" Mormon massacre of 1838, on a small dirt road which led us to a small clearing in the woods where we were surrounded by trees in a semi-circle. Arriving at the site just before sunset gave our small group the opportunity to view the area with what was left of the sunlight, as we decided where to set up cameras and other types of equipment that were to be used. The plan was to appeal to any spirits or energies of the location by making the peaceful gestures of presenting them with familiar Mormon hymns and reading to them from the tenets of their religious beliefs. Although there was a great deal of natural noise from frogs and insects, we were immediately able to pick up on audible unexplainable sounds that came from our surroundings. The first audible anomaly came in the form of some voices that could be heard coming from the direction of the densely wooded area behind us, and the voices seemed to be male, in a low tone, and there seemed to be more than one as if they were having a conversation or speaking to one another. This did not feel ominous in any way. These voices were heard by two of the four members present. The second "vocal" anomaly was a sort-off hoot or shout from just across the clearing in another direction from the first voices. This was heard by multiple members as well, but we had difficulty determining the origin, as it was clearly human, we just could not rule out the possibility of any other people being present in that particular area without going over there to look into it, and it would have been very difficult for us to get over there, which raises my suspicion that any no other people could have been out there. We proceeded with the investigation by playing a very old and popular Mormon hymn. We remained silent for the duration of the song and closely observed the environment for any anomalous activity. This went smoothly and we all felt that this greatly heightened the energy of the entire location. It was a very touching moment, as we all could feel sadness and emotion filling the space around us. This was followed by the reading of the tenets of Mormonism. As these were being read one by one, the atmosphere slowly started to intensify at a steady rate. I can recall personally, that by the time tenet number seven was being read, I could feel a very intense energy beginning to grow around our small group. This was paired with a very eerie response from the wild animals in the area, as off in the distance just behind us a few coyote howls could be heard. Almost immediately following the first howls, just to the left of those, a few more were added. Again following those, moving in perfect succession to the left of the other howling coyotes a few more chimed in. This continued until the sounds of howling coyotes formed a nearly perfect circle completely around us. Once this "circle" had been established, the howls continued to grow in intensity, volume, and even in numbers, until we all felt that we had been completely circled by wild howling coyotes. I was growing slightly nervous by this point. Then in the woods just beside us, within very close range, came the final howl, and we were then aware of just how very close these coyotes were moving in on us. We spared no time at all in grabbing equipment, tossing it in the car, and getting ourselves to safety quickly. Although we never visually saw any of these animals, we could hear and feel their intense presence all around us and we knew that we were being watched closely. It is almost as though we were being chased out of the area. It is likely that the animals were just curious of having human visitors. It is possible that they were observing a group of humans as possible prey. It can even be theorized that our group had achieved our goals in the raising of some paranormal energies that evoked response from the wild animals in the area, as it is said that animals are very sensitive to paranormal forces. We could have assisted in creating energies that disturbed these coyotes. Whatever the case may be, we did get a response from nature, just not quite the one we were looking for. A few members did state that they were witness to some movement, misty-type forms, or even possibly some apparitions just outside the tree-line of the clearing. The cameras were running, and evidence will be reviewed, so anything captured from our short and eventful evening will be posted to the website if seen fit for presentation.

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