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Historic Building - Enid, OK

Location Information

Date:30th August, 2009     Type:Business

Location Title:Historic Building     City/State:Enid, OK

Investigation Times:01:00 AM - 03:30 AM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:07:00 AM   Sunset:08:02 PM

High Temperature:82 °F   Low Temperature:62 °F

Sky Condition:Clear   Wind:N at 1 mph

Humidity:100%   Precipitation:0%

Lunar Phase:Waxing Gibbous   % disk visible:80%

Solar X-Rays:Normal   Geomagnetic Field:Quiet

Pressure:30.05 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Angela Hodge

Becky Ray

Shawn Walsh

Investigators Notes

Becky Ray:I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to investigate this building, there is a lot of history and beauty involved.
Most of the ghostly legends about the place are fairly easily explained, however we did have one experience worth noting.
Around 1:45am we were waiting vigil in the smaller ballroom, and as we were joking around there was suddenly a very loud tearing/scratching sound coming from the stage. As I turned to look, I could see the curtains obviously moving as if someone was trying to come through. My first thought was not of anything paranormal, but that there was an intruder in the building.
Once the noise stopped and the curtain stopped moving, we approached the stage again to see what might have caused this.
We did discover that there were some folded cardboard boxes that had been stacked backstage that had fallen over. This would account for the sounds and the curtains moving. But what caused the boxes to fall? We re-stacked them as they were and tried several times to recreate the sound and curtain movement, but were unsuccessful. We also checked them several times during the night and they never fell over again.
Not necessarily paranormal, but definitely odd and as of yet unexplained.

Shawn Walsh:This investigation took place at a beautiful historic building. The architecture and history of the building is extremely interesting. There have been reports of unexplained sounds, lights, and even one account of a full body apparition at this location. We were the only three people in the building during this late night investigation. During the investigation I took 75 digital pictures, 3 hours of High Definition video, and recorded around 6 hours of digital audio on two recorders. I have finished review of all of my gathered evidence and have found a couple of possible evp's that need to be reviewed by the group prior to posting. Becky took one digital photo during the investigation I found extremely interesting. The picture is of the balcony area in the main hall. At the time the anomaly was captured. We heard what sounded similar to footsteps coming from the balcony. It exhibits some similarities to a non paranormal orb, but has some differences that make it one of the more interesting orb like pictures I have seen, especially when coupled with the auditory anomalies we all heard in the area the picture was taken. We had one unexplained personal experience that evening while investigating in the smaller theater area of the building. We were making general chit chat around the stage when Becky and I clearly heard what we could best describe as what it sounds like when a knife is ripping through fabric. We heard the noise for about 2-3 seconds and at the same time the theater curtains moved dramatically as if someone had pushed them. It really startled both of us as we both thought this was not paranormal event but a person or animal coming out from behind the theater curtains. Angela the third member of our team that night did not hear or see anything which was odd in and of itself as she was standing just a few feet from us. Within a few seconds I regained composure and quickly ran up the stage steps and behind the curtain where we heard the noise. There lay three 24x24x24 folded up card board boxes flat on the floor right behind the curtains. These boxes were not down on the floor earlier during our initial walk through. Logically the boxes sliding on the wood floor when they fell had to be the sound we heard, and the boxes falling would have also caused the curtain to move as the fall would have generated the airflow into the cutains. Although we tried to recreate the sound by dropping the boxes in many ways and we could not replicate the first sound we heard to our satisfaction. There were still 3 folded boxes leaning against the wall from where the other 3 had fallen. The boxes that remained upright were leaning at about 70 degrees and there was a large rolled up rug in front of the boxes so the boxes that fell could not have slid straight down and on to the floor. The boxes that fell would have had to fallen about 110+ degrees from the top. This is hard to explain considering how the remaining boxes were still standing at the same 70 degree angle. While I can certainly not label this event as 100% paranormal. I also can not explain this to my full satisfaction either. Overall this investigation was great and I would love to conduct another investigation at this locale in the future. I had what as I classify as my first personal experiance that really got my blood pumping and these rare events are why we stay up late in old buildings doing these investigations. So I would like to thank the building management for allowing us to have full reign of the entire building during this investigaion.

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