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Historic Building - Kansas City

Location Information

Date:25th August, 2007     Type:Business

Location Title:Historic Building in Kansas City     City/State:Kansas City, MO

Investigation Times:11:00 PM - 03:00 AM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:06:39 AM   Sunset:07:58 PM

High Temperature:86 °F   Low Temperature:68 °F

Sky Condition:Clear   Wind:N at 4 mph

Humidity:94%   Precipitation:0%

Lunar Phase:Waxing Gibbous   % disk visible:90%

Solar X-Rays:Normal   Geomagnetic Field:Quiet

Pressure:30 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Angela Hodge

Angela Kaplan

Bryan Kaplan

Becky Ray

Kevin Simpson

Jennifer Sprague

Miranda Stark

Junior Szudarski

Location History

This location was built in 1929 and has been a Kansas City landmark for years.

Question: When did the phenomena start?

Answer: More than 25 years ago.


Question: Any certain hour of the day or certain rooms?

Answer: It could be any time of the day, but seems more active between 2am - 3am, and in the auditorium - particularly the stage.


Question: Any visual apparations?

Answer: Yes. Unknown people have been seen, but then disappear when encountered. Shadow people have been seen.


Question: How do the visual apparitions appear?

Answer: One is a red-haired male who has been seen in the auditorium, and a red-headed female has been seen walking through the lobby area.


Question: Any sounds?

Answer: Toilets flushing, footsteps, voices, the sounds of sets and props being built.


Question: Any voices? What do they say?

Answer: Unknown conversations. Some voices have been recognized as people who used to work in the building.


Question: Any cold spots?

Answer: Yes.


Question: Any smells?

Answer: A powdery, almost incense type of odor has been smelled at various places throughout the building.


Question: How far back can you trace the history of the property?

Answer: At least to the date of being built in 1929.

Investigators Notes

Angela Hodge:First off Thanks you know who you were for staying up late on a Saturday night and hanging with PAI on this Investigation. All of the guest were a pleasure and great on the ears and eye’s and helping us out. We got a tour of the facility from our contact we started at the 5th floor and worked our way down, this building is historic and I’m sure everyone that has ever lived in KC knows this place at one time or another if not drove past it. This place has many doors that lead you into many passageways to either another room of a room or to no where. Tunnels that are underground or just under the streets of KC. This place is an awesome site should be more publicized but I understand why it can nott be. The little secrets of KC it is. When taking the tour up on the 5th floor I got an uneasy feeling in what was a bar room back in the day until now as they have converted it into a study or possible a future meeting room. This site has no AC so it was hot and steamy just like it has been in past few weeks here in KC. I noticed through out the tour I kept feeling like I was either walking thru a spider web or something was touching me, there were no spider webs to the naked eye that you could see. For some reason I was drawn to a room near the basement as we went down the stairs, it had pool tables and a hidden door that had a drop of a lot of feet (sorry it just went on forever) that tunneled underground pretty cool. I’ll post a picture of that hole. I kept getting drawn to the other side of the room opposite side of where everyone was, so I took it upon myself to just walk to the other side and take some pictures but nothing of significant came out. When touring the theater I noticed a white like shadow pass thru the audio room and at the same time Bryan mentioned he saw a man’s figure in there also. (Later on a few other people mentioned they saw something also at different times) I thought it was strange that I almost felt giddy in this place a happy go lucky feeling of safety in it. Almost like I had been to this place so much of my life it felt normal to be there. But I only recall going there once when I was a teenager to go and pick up something that I don’t believe they do that anymore there. After our tour of the place we decided to stake out the theatre which is awesome view no matter how you look upon it in any direction and no matter where you sit the view is good. That’s a good theatre! When we decided on doing the EVP session I had an over whelming feeling my head hurt and my nose felt like someone shoved water up my nose kind of like I was drowning. Very weird sensations, after getting up and leaving that area of the stage the sensations went away. A few times thru-out the investigations I would get the same feeling over come me when I would get near the stage. Thru-out the investigation my camera would not work properly even though I charged my batteries, several other people of the group kept saying there was something wrong with there camera also. My camera would take forever to load up for the next shot as my camera is digital so that should not have happen. After viewing my photo’s I have a lot of either blurred out pictures or dark blobs of nothing. While sitting on the stage by the steps looking outward to the seats, I noticed a shadow pass by in the hallway. It was like it was walking cross the hallway in a hurry. I believe they called the hallway vomitory hallway ( I missed the story as to why it is called that) Becky and Jennifer went down to the area and checked it out and they also experienced the shadow, several people with in the group saw this shadow. It started to play with them which is wild. When we sent a guy down there to give them a tape recorder the shadow stopped and we got nothing else for the rest of the night from that area. (This place was originally built just for men only to be inside this building) I also noticed a shadow on the upper left side in the audience seats and in the middle by the lights. Thru-out the night the toilets would flush for no reason, when we asked it to make some sort of noise we could not hear anything being made but the guest there watching heard a noise of something banging on medal when we asked the question out loud. I kept feeling like my eye’s were playing tricks on me but when I would mention if some one saw it or heard it they also mentioned it too what they saw and it being the exact same thing. All in all I believe this place has something but what not sure. Do I feel like it harms anyone no, do I feel like they want something, no not really. I definitely think that the spirits of the people who once roamed those same halls and meeting rooms are still there in spirit. But I never once got the feeling of it was negative. I heard a lot of chitter-chatter at times and clicks, bangs, and swishing sounds and dragging of the feet sounds. Also at one point when we all sat quietly on the auditorium area we all heard noises like a construction was going on. (No one was upstairs) The whole group stayed together. It stopped when we tried to ask a question. Awesome investigations well worth the wait!!

Bryan Kaplan:The main thing I experienced in this building was seeing the outline of a male in a doorway. Most of the evidence I witnessed and/or captured has to remain private because of the nature of the building and it was requested that the location remain private. It was an interesting experience, and I would like to go back but just with the group (and not with any onlookers).

Becky Ray:On this investigation, I used an EMF meter, a 35mm camera, and an 8mm video camera.
This is truly an amazing building architecturally. There are so many amazing things in this building just from a historical point of view.
During our investigation this night we had several as of yet unexplainable things happen. During our initial walk through a few members felt an oppressiveness in a couple of the rooms, and saw strange shadows as if there were other people present in the building. Shortly after entering the auditorium during the walk through almost everyone present smelled an incense like odor at various places. At times this was a sandlewood type smell, while at others it was muskier.
The main part of our investigation was on the auditorium in the building. Within five minutes of setting up in there several members reported seeing odd shadows moving about in different locations.
An hour after we set up in the auditorium everyone on the stage could hear footsteps in the stage right area. I went to investigate what could be causing these sounds and found that the area the footsteps seemed to be coming from was completely empty.
Later in the night several of us could see strange shadows down the exit from the auditorium. Jennifer and I went to check this out as I initially thought this was coming from the full moon outside. As we got to the area in question I tried to find the location the shadows appeared to be standing in by asking everyone still on the stage to let me know when I was the correct height. Jennifer and I waited in this area a bit, when the people on the stage stated that they could see three shadows on the wall rather that just the two that Jennifer and I would be casting. I immediately assume that the third shadow is a trick of light and it is either my shadow, or Jennifer's or a combination of both of us. I asked Jennifer to walk away, and one shadow left. I then stepped backwards away, and a second shadow moved away. HOWEVER, the third shadow that was between us stayed put for about ten more seconds. I have no explanation for this phenomena. Jennifer and I stayed in this area a while longer and chased odd sounds up and down the hallway as if someone was teasing us.
While we were there the other members on the stage reported seeing that same third shadow appear next to us from time to time. I could find no source of this shadow and I searched the entire area.
The second oddest thing about that night was that we kept hearing the toilets flush from the men's room in another part of the building. This is something the people that work in this building have reported. 
This is a fantastic building, and I am very anxious to investigate again!

Kevin Simpson:This is an amazing building, I had so many unexplainable things happen to me and other members of the group. On the intial walk thru myself and another member saw what looked like a head and shoulder peeking out of a door and then would dissappear back into the door, when we went to investigte the doorway and the room that it lead to there was nothing to be found. Several times throughout the night we had strange smells like a pipe smell and smoking hasnt been aloud in the building in a long time. One that really stood out was we everyone in the building was in one central location doing an EVP session and during the session it sounded like someone walked across the back of the stage. Several of us went to see if we could find the source to no avail. All in all this was a great first investigation for me. I would love to go back and see what else we can get. Nothing in my pictures.

Jennifer Sprague:First I want to thank this Historic Building members for this amazing opportunity to come and investigate! many thanks to you all! On this investigation, I took some notes for the group and used a hand held digital audio recorder. After the initial tour of the place we started off in the auditorium and did an initial walk through. I did notice some sort of shadowy like presence near the projection booth a couple of times and it is interesting to note that at this location an apparition of a red headed man was said to appear. I did not see a man, so to speak, but do feel I saw some sort of movement. We tried to recreate the shadow that I, and others, had witnessed but we could not. I did not notice anything else that was unusual or strange until we noticed some sort of shadow lingering near an exit sign in front of the entrance way to the theater. Becky and I wanted to investigate this further, so we decided to go near the exit sign to see if we could duplicate the shadow. In the midst of trying to do this we both heard some incoherent noise coming from our right...we both tried to locate the noise but could not, we made a point to note that it was nobody in the theater making the noise. Afer we could not locate the noise we went back to trying to figure out the shadow figure we kept seeing. Upon switching and changing our location to see if we could duplicate this shadow....we both noticed that at this time other members were saying that they could see it.. so Becky and I both moved slightly seeing BOTH of our shadows move but noticing that ONE stayed in the middle. Startled, we both then heard noises coming from our right ( facing the auditorium) it sounded like something being shoved or drug across the floor. We went to investigate this and could find nothing out of place nor could we figure out where the noise was coming from. Also during this time it was said that the shadow was seen around me..but I would like to note that I did not see anything around at that time nor did I feel strange..but it seemed that it was very clear to others that there was something around me. We did an evp session earlier in the night and although I did not notice anything strange others said that they heard a slight walking or shuffling during that time. I am still reviewing audio at this moment and will post anything intersting that I find. Overall, I was really impressed with the courtesy and kindness of everyone there and I look forward to going back in the future and doing an investigation again at this amazing placce!!

Miranda Stark:Breathtaking building! Absolutely amazing structure! The stories of the possible ghostly encounters and activity are quite intriguing! We were fortunate enough to have an eventful investigation (in my opinion). Moving shadows, audible footsteps, knocks and thumps. Still reviewing photographs. My audio was disrupted by draining batteries in the middle of the first evp session. My own senses were quite useful in this place, though, as I felt a heightened "awareness" of an unseen presence, and this rarely occurs with me. Wonderful investigation. I would personally like to thank the owners and managers for permitting us to explore and investigate this amazing historic building!

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