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Historic Building - Kansas City, MO

Location Information

Date:8th February, 2014     Type:Business

Location Title:Historic Building     City/State:Kansas City, MO

Investigation Times:08:00 PM - 01:00 AM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:07:18 AM   Sunset:05:47 PM

High Temperature:28 °F   Low Temperature:17 °F

Sky Condition:Overcast   Wind:SW at 5 mph

Humidity:75%   Precipitation:%

Lunar Phase:Waxing Gibbous   % disk visible:69%

Solar X-Rays:M Class Flare   Geomagnetic Field:Storm

Pressure:30.17 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Angela Hodge

Angela Kaplan

Bryan Kaplan

Jenny Kerr

Becky Ray

Jennifer Sprague

Location History

This large Colonial-style building is a fixture in Kansas City.

Investigators Notes

Becky Ray:This is a grand old building I had been wanting to get into for an investigation for a while and was not disappointed. I have yet to find anything of note in my audio or video, but look forward to returning for further investigation.

Jennifer Sprague:On this investigation I brought my Audio Recorder and Note Pad. We started with a tour of the building and went through various locations of reported activity. After the tour we proceeded upstairs and started with an EVP session. During this session we also used an EMF pump and lazer grid to see if we could coorelate any activity/evp with pumping more electricity in the air as this is an idea we wanted to test. I am currently reviewing my audio and will post any findings that I may come across to our website soon. Im curious to see if boosting the EMF field helped generate any EVPS. I, myself, did not experience anything unusual during this investigation. There was a time where I thought that I had heard a door slam which was part of what kind of activity was reported, but could not definitively say it was distinctly a door slamming. There did seem to be some interesting things happening with the EMF pump during our EVP session. I would like to test this out more. Im also curious to see what other members of the group found as well. The history of this place was amazing and I look forward to posting any evidence as soon as I can. I also look forward to doing more experiments like this in future investigations as well!

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