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Historic Building - Undisclosed, KS

Location Information

Date:9th January, 2009     Type:Residential

Location Title:Historic Building     City/State:Undisclosed, KS

Investigation Times:08:00 PM - 12:30 AM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:07:39 AM   Sunset:05:16 AM

High Temperature:60 °F   Low Temperature:28 °F

Sky Condition:Overcast   Wind:N at 20 mph

Humidity:74%   Precipitation:0%

Lunar Phase:Waxing Gibbous   % disk visible:95%

Solar X-Rays:Normal   Geomagnetic Field:Quiet

Pressure:29.8 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Angela Hodge

Bryan Kaplan

Becky Ray

Jennifer Sprague

Shawn Walsh

Trista Walsh

Investigators Notes

Angela Hodge:As always I want to thank the owners and hosts for allowing us to entering in to there property for a great opportunity to see what they have witnessed over the years. Our group split up and I went with Shawn and Trista. Before we completely split we did a walk thru, after our walk thru Trista and I went back down stairs to take some more photos, as we stood there in basement talking the room temperature changed, it got so cold in the basement you could feel it thru your clothes to the bone. It was not your normal cold chilly feeling. I have to note that the heat was on and this is an enclosed finished basement that many people use. As we were taking photo's I kept getting a feeling that someone was watching us from the other room. After about 5 minutes we continued upstairs with the rest of the group.
We started our investigations downstairs setting up some equipment and trying at a EVP session and asking one of the host the history of the place and more details. When we sat in what I would call a Rec-room I kept hearing the name Henry and then Zacharary.
After a while we switched and went up stairs and started by the weight room an occasionally foot steps would be heard on the other side of the hall way, no one else was over there everyone in the group was accounted for either down stairs or upstairs in our hall way. We thought we smelled a floral scent in the stariwell but after doing some more investigating we found a oil difuser near by in a room. We were told no plug-ins were allowed in the property so to smell something floral in a public spot and to only have in one area got our curiousity going. Too bad it was only a oil diffuser.
So going through this property and doing just our first intinal investigations I didn't get to witness the famous ladies that supposely haunt this locations nor did i get to really see the man that haunts this locations but i definitly heard a voice call out a name and I saw a lot of dark shadows play with us. With the history of the location I think it needs us coming back a few times for the spirits to come out and maybe get used to us. As from the history what the host tells us the spirits show themselves after a while so I think if we come back a few more times when it's there down time I think might get more hard evidence to show what they tell us. All in all I really enjoyed the hospitality and the history of the place is interesting. Thanks and look forward to returning.

Becky Ray:**NOTE: Due to the sensitive nature of this location, we will not be posting any photos/videos or releasing any identifying information about this location.**
This was definitely an interesting investigation. During the initial walk through I already had the feeling that we were being watched in the basement.
After splitting into two teams, I was in the group that went to the top floor first. On this floor is a room with athletic equipment and as we sat vigil in the hallway my eyes kept getting drawn back to that doorway. I would see movement in the shadows as if someone was walking in and out of the room. We checked out all possible light sources and attempted to recreate what I was seeing but had no luck. 
Moving into this room there was definitely a heavy feeling as if there was no air circulating at all. Everyone present noted this and there seemed to be an additional person in the room with us as well.
After a while we switched locations with the other group and headed back to the basement. The feeling I had down there at this time was not the same as during the walk through, and it was definitely a lighter feeling than what we had been experiencing upstairs. 
When we returned upstairs later that night, the feeling had totally changed to match the rest of the location.
I am still reviewing video recorded that night and analyzing photos.

Jennifer Sprague:On this investigation I brought my notebook for notes and 35 mm camera. To start off the place had many reported instances of paranormal activity with many eye witness accounts and credible stories. We started off upstairs and I handnt noticed anything strange or unusual until I heard what seemed to be a sound such as one would make when they clear their throat, but couldnt make it out exactly as I couldnt decipher any words. It seemed to be coming from one of the rooms, so we checked it out but couldnt find any explanation for the noise I heard. Later on when we were all sitting in the hallway I heard what seemed to be like something being dragged, others heard this noise too, but again we could not find any proof on what was making the noise and we could find nothing at the time that could have caused it. I had two other situations that happened upstairs. While sitting in the hallway Becky and I saw what looked like to be some sort of shadow/ figure fading in and out of the doorway, at the time there was nothing that we found that could explain those shadows. Upon the second visit upstairs we were in a room where Becky and I seemed to feel something a little out of the ordinary coming from the back corner of the room. At the time though there was no major temperature drop or any unusual readings from anything, it was more or less a feeling, but there was nothing scientific that we could use to back up what we were feeling. Most of the activity that I experienced for myself came from the upstairs area. I did not seem to experience anything unusual in any of the other areas of this building. With the history and reports of this place, I really look forward to going back and doing a follow up investigation. I am in the process of going over my photo footage and will post anything out of the ordinary should I find it. I would like to thank the building owners for allowing us to come out and I definitely look forward to going back!!

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