KANSAS - Delta Sigma Phi House

by: Kelli Patrick 

This fraternity was originally St. Mary's hospital.  The hospital closed around 1952-55.  It was turned into a fraternity within a year or two after.  One spirit, a nurse, was seen making her rounds for many years in the 1960's.  It is said that if a fraternity brother fell ill, the nurse would be seen leaving his room carrying her medicine tray.  The next morning the brother would be well.  She has not been seen for a couple of decades.

George was an elderly patient in St. Mary's hospital during the move to a new location.  George rolled off of the bed by accident and was pinned between the wall and his bed.  The orderly went to move George, but didn't see him, so the orderly thought he had already been moved. George died during the night from suffocation.  He suffocated from the bed sheets.  He was found the next day.  It is said that George was a huge Star Trek fan.  During a 1973 ice storm, the power was off to the neighborhood, except for the time that Star Trek was on.  The building TV would come on for Star Trek and then would turn off when the episode was over.  George is also a noisy ghost.  The residents on the 3rd floor blame him for a variety of incidents.  See our investigation notes.