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KANSAS - Kansas State University

by: Kelli Patrick

The Purple Masque Theater is haunted by a ghost named Nick. Nick was injured in a football game in the 1950s. He was carried to the cafeteria, where he died on one of the tables. The cafeteria now holds the Purple Masque. While on their way to watch his game, Nick's parents were killed in a car accident. Nick is still waiting for his parents to arrive. Stomping sounds, out of place chairs, levitating objects, and overturned paint cans have been reported.

According to University Archives, there was no football player named Nick or any record of a football player dying during a game. It is also said that there was never a cafeteria in Memorial Stadium.

(the theater is on the main floor of East Stadium on the campus. Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, 66506.)



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