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Main Street Galleria Upstairs Tea Room

Location Information

Date:19th March, 2011     Type:Business

Location Title:Main Street Galleria Upstairs Tea Room     City/State:Weston, MO

Investigation Times:08:30 PM - 11:00 PM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:07:21 AM   Sunset:07:31 PM

High Temperature:51 °F   Low Temperature:40 °F

Sky Condition:Overcast   Wind:ESE at 16 mph

Humidity:100%   Precipitation:%

Lunar Phase:Full Moon   % disk visible:100%

Solar X-Rays:Normal   Geomagnetic Field:Quiet

Pressure:30.23 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Jenny Kerr

Becky Ray

Jennifer Sprague

Location History


The Main Street Galleria's resident Ghosts have been featured on ABC, CBS, Discovery Channel, Discovery Magazine and The Examiner of Topeka "Dining with Ghosts" Our ghosts have earned a reputation far and wide. Come to the Main Street Galleria and check them out for yourself. Below is their stories.
One of the most famous ghosts is Captain James D. McCardy, of the 7th Cavalry in Richmond, Virginia of the Confederate Army during the Civil War.
His writing desk bearing his name is on display in the Galleria. The name plate on the desk, bears the Captain's name and the date 1861, Richmond Virginia.
When the owner of Main Street Galleria purchased the Civil War era writing desk, she did not know that she had acquired more than just the desk. The ghost of Captain McCardy came with it. 
The Captain enjoys playing tricks on people, electricity turning on and off. The front door dead bolt unexpectedly locking during business hours. Many of the ladies feel his presence with unexplained goose bumps.
Beno and Creola
The building which houses Main Street Galleria was originally built in 1897. Beno and Creola Hillix originally owned the building. They lived upstairs and ran a pharmacy, soda fountain, and sold a variety of items on the main floor. The kids of Weston would come to the soda fountain and talk and have fun. Beno would stand at the pinball machine, smoke cigarettes and keep an eye on the kids. Once in awhile we smell the cigarette smoke, right where Beno stood at the pinball machine.
Creola talks to us now and then, she seems worried about who is going and coming.

Investigators Notes

Jenny Kerr:With an electrical storm earlier in the day and the supermoon expected, the combination made for an interesting night EVP wise. Great hospitality by Carol our overseer, Thank You! The Galleria was a great little building with an interesting history on the Hillix's. We started with a brief history and a tour of the building with Carol. On the conclusion of the tour we began our first EVP session upstairs in the Tea Room. Upon play back we heard an interesting "bell tone" sound as Becky asked her regular cliche question of "If you want us to leave make a noise". To our human ears there was no sound, to the digital recorders microphone there was an audible "bell tone". After reviewing the first session we proceeded downstairs to the Soda/Ice Cream Shop area for an EVP session. Once completed we returned upstairs to the Tea Room where we once again reviewed the digital recorder for any voices. A few whispers and a response was heard, but during the review Becky was the lucky one to see a shadow person walk down the hallway which was too my back. (If only I had eyes in the back of my head!) A break ensued from reviewing and off the girls went to find the shadow person. During the hunt digital recorders were recording and a distinct gravely woman's voice was recorded telling us where she may be. I personally did not experience any phenomena nor did I get any ghostly spectors on my digital camera. We hope to have these few EVP's posted in the near future for your review and comments.

Becky Ray:Both Jenny and Jennifer have covered the events of this investigation wonderfully! Due to computer issues. EVPS are not able to be uploaded at this time.

Jennifer Sprague:Special thanks to the owners for allowing us to come out there! On this investigation I used an emf detector and was note taker for the group. There were no noticeable emf spikes that could not be explained during this investigation. However, we did have numerous e.v.p. sessions and during these sessions we did pick up some interesting e.v.p.'s. The interesting thing is that these e.v.p.'s that were captured also correlate to the discussions that we were having at the time. Also, at one point Becky noticed what appeared to be somebody standing in the hallway that quickly moved out of her site and down a hallway. Upon checking the area after the occurrence we could not detect any change in the area with our equipment however it's important to note that I, and a few others present, heard noise at the same time Becky mentioned that she had thought she had seen someone, but none of us saw anybody at the time.It was not possible for it to be anybody else in Tea Room because everyone was accounted for at that time. These e.v.p.'s are all in the process of being reviewed and uploaded to the site and they should be up as soon as possible. I look forward to going back and investigating this area and other surrounding it!

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