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MISSOURI - Alexander Majors Mansion

by: Kelli Patrick

Alexander Majors helped run one of the biggest freight companies from Kansas City.  The freighting business brought supplies to settlements all around the Kansas City area.  Majors also created the Pony Express and gave a job to a 12 year-old boy known as "Buffalo Bill" Cody.

Alexander Majors built his Kansas City home in 1856.  The mansion is reported to be haunted by a lady named Louisa Johnston.  She spent most of her life restoring the mansion.  She died in the caretaker's cottage at the age of eighty-nine.  She is reported to stare out one of the first floor windows and sometimes can be seen walking up the sidewalk to the home. 

Alexander Majors Mansion
8140 State Line Rd.
Kansas City, Missouri

Alexander Majors is buried in Union Hill Cemetery (downtown Kansas City).

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