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MISSOURI - Longview Mansion

by: Miranda Stark

Mansion built in: 1914

Initially owned by: Robert A. Long (husband and father of two girls).

Brief history of mansion:  Built by Kansas City millionaire lumberman R.A. Long, the farm featured 51 buildings, including mansion, show horse arena, racetrack, horse and dairy barns, greenhouses, a school, and a church.  Up to 200 people lived and worked on the farm at one time.  Long's daughter, Loula Long-Combs, from age 15 was an internationally renowned horsewoman who won prizes in the US, Canada, and Europe.  She was the first woman to drive in competition at Madison Square Garden.  Localy she became known as the queen of the American Royal as she won repeated competitions throughout her life..."My father never refused to buy any horse I wanted, and I wanted many of them." Loula Long-Combs

Deaths taking place on the property:  Both Robert and Loula died in the mansion.

Ghostlore/legend surrounding the mansion: (taken from "Missouri Ghosts" by Joan Gilbert) The ghost stories reflect the idyllic life of Loula, for she operated the property as a mature woman after her father's death, until her own, in 1971.  People who have since worked at Longview tell of seeing her drift along the land accompanied by a "cloud" of animals.  Hoof beats are also said to be heard, as if she were riding past.  Some have been fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of her in the half-dark of the indoor ring, which causes reluctance of some employees to enter this area alone.  Once when the home was open several days for tours, during a special event, people working there reported that her bed would be in a state of disarray each morning, as if it had been slept in.

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