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Original Springs Hotel

Location Information

Date:6th January, 2007     Type:Business

Location Title:Original Springs Hotel     City/State:Okawville, IL

Investigation Times:07:00 PM - 11:00 PM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:07:15 AM   Sunset:04:52 PM

High Temperature:48 °F   Low Temperature:39 °F

Sky Condition:Overcast   Wind:WNW at 8 mph

Humidity:76%   Precipitation:%

Lunar Phase:Waning Gibbous   % disk visible:90%

Solar X-Rays:Normal   Geomagnetic Field:Quiet

Pressure:30.07 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Becky Ray

Jennifer Sprague

Miranda Stark

Location History

In 1867, Rudolph Plegge, who lived and conducted a saddlery and harness shop on the ground, now occupied by the Original Hotel, noticed that water from his well drifted from most of the water he had come in contact with. He called the attention of August Schulze and Dr. James McIllwan, Sr., to have the water analyzed. Dr. McIlwain made some simple tests such as his equipment would permit and discovered magnesia in the water. He knew that there must also be sulfuric acid, for this is the only chemical that will hold magnesia in solution. 
Samples of the water were sent to Prof. Enno Sanders, in St. Louis and his analysis showed very strong medicinal qualities; C.H.Kelle lived on a farm near town. Mr. Plegge knew that he had served in the famous baths that Baden-Baden, Germany, before coming to this country. So he consulted him and together they decided to build a small spa in the way of the famous waters of Europe. Dr. McIlwain, Sr., was given charge of the medical end of the institution. The business thrived in a small way, and water was sold to Rev., J.F. Schierbaum, who erected a modern institution. Later he sold out to Schreiner Brothers, and in 1892, the buildings burned. They were rebuilt during the fall and winter and with the additions since made, constitute the present Original Hotel Springs Hotel. 
When the current owners took over the hotel, staff members and desk clerks started to tell of strange noises that they heard in the building at night, including pacing footsteps in otherwise empty hallways, figures that were sometimes seen out of the corner of the eye, doors that opened and closed by themselves, the tinkling sound of old-time music that echoed in the corridors and the constant feeling “of someone watching you.” Various guests and employees have reported seeing a mysterious woman in white as well.

Investigators Notes

Becky Ray:Miranda, Jennifer, and I came to the Original Springs Hotel for this investigation as part of Len Adams' annual American Ghost Society event at the location. This is a great place, with plenty of history, and anytime I get together with other AGS members I have a great time.
On this particular night I personally didn't experience much out of the ordinary, but two years ago when I stayed in the room next door I had more eventful night as my motion activated camera was activated twice taking solid WHITE photos, and my roommate on that visit witnessed a strange mist.
Back to this year, although nothing unexplainable occurred during our tour of the building, once we retired for the evening and went to sleep, I was awakened about every 45 minutes to an hour for no apparent reason.
I took several photos during the night and am in the process of getting them developed and should have them posted soon!

Jennifer Sprague:I had a great time at this investigation meeting others with the American Ghost Hunters Society and other paranormal investigators. A big thank you to the Original Springs Hotel and AGS for this investigation! On this investigation I used a standard 35 mm disposable camera. We started with dinner and then went on a tour and learned the history and the paranormal spots of the hotel. Nothing noticeable happened in my presence and I noticed nothing abnormal in my photographs. I look forward to going back next year as it seems to have quite a history and interesting activity:)

Miranda Stark:Beautiful hotel, with an amazing history. This building has been well loved throughout it's standing lifetime. It has suffered tragedies, such as suicide and fire. The lore lends it much of it's mystery, with it's infamous "lady in white" whom has been sighted by various witnesses while staying in the hotel. We were fortunate enough to view photographs from former investigations, which capture some very intriguing anomalies. I enjoyed my stay at the Original Springs Hotel, though uneventful for me personally, just having the opportunity to stay a night at this amazing place was in itself, a memorable experience.

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