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Private Residence - Independence, MO

Location Information

Date:21st April, 2006     Type:Residential

Location Title:Private Residence     City/State:Independence, MO

Investigation Times:08:00 PM - 01:00 AM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:06:33 AM   Sunset:08:01 PM

High Temperature:75 °F   Low Temperature:46 °F

Sky Condition:Clear   Wind:E at 5 mph

Humidity:68%   Precipitation:0%

Lunar Phase:Waning Crescent   % disk visible:40%

Solar X-Rays:Normal   Geomagnetic Field:Unsettled

Pressure:29.97 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Angela Hodge

Sevren Jacobs

Bryan Kaplan

Kelli Patrick

Becky Ray

Miranda Stark

Question: How long have you lived here?

Answer: About five months


Question: When did the phenomena start?

Answer: Immediately upon moving in


Question: Any visual apparations?

Answer: Have seen a white cloud-like mist of significant size hovering in the living room. Also have witnessed a black shadow move across the kitchen ceiling. Strange "figures"/movement has been seen in peripheral vision


Question: Have there been any movements of objects that you see?

Answer: A large mirror in a stand slowly moved by itself.


Question: Any sounds?

Answer: Have heard the sounds of someone in the kitchen when no one was there. A mysterious sound of water dripping is heard frequently but there are no water leaks. Have heard voices in other rooms when no one was there.


Question: Any music?

Answer: Yes, instrumental music is heard coming from what was the formal dining room, and the sounds of someone whistling in the attic when no one is there.


Question: How far back can you trace the history of the property?

Answer: The house was built in 1888 as a single family home. At some time in the past it was converted into three separate apartments. It is now being renovated back into its original status.

Investigators Notes

Angela Hodge:I used my digital camera for the night of the investigation but it seems that I got really nothing with the pictures I took. I'll post some of the pictures that may be something to look at. I didn't really hear as much as everyone else did but I definitly could smell things and felt cool breezes when everyone else around me is feeling much warmer from being up in the attic for a moment. The house it's self is old and you definitly can tell the house has character and history within it's self. The house has 3 levels counting the basement and if you count the attic 4. During the walk thru kind of felt like a maze with all the doors and turns. When there done remodeling the house will be amazing. As we finished up our walk-thru and heading down the main staircase I asked the owner if she was using incenses or those plug-ins in the house as I smelled a floral scent as we went downstairs and she mentioned no. I kind of disregarded it and continue on into the living room with everyone else. Everyone was taking some what of a break and bathroom break when Bryan mention the water in the sink incident. After that moment the house felt very active and we all started to notice things. I noticed hearing what sounded like an instrument playing in the future formal dining room, we previously checked this room and no where in that room is an instrument or radio, the owner did mention at this time that she and her husband occasionaly hear instruments playing in there also. I also witness with the rest of the gang the smell of facial powder lingering near the steps at the side near the bathroom going into the dining room. No one had put on any make-up or put on any form of powder or floral scent on. When sitting in the back bedroom with Bryan and Becky on the bed I felt someone staring at me on my right side. Becky was behind me and Bryan was to the left of me. I disregarded it as it did not feel threatening nor did it attempt to do anything. As we left the room Becky was startled by the door opening from the attic as I walked out. The door was shut but not locked. She mentioned it looked like someone was walking out of the door toward me. Also within that same room the closet door was shut in the 1st visit and in the walk-thru, the 2nd visit the door was slightly open. We also sat in the 2nd bedroom this room houses 2 kids again i sat on the bed next to Bryan again and Becky was sitting across from us on the next bed. We were all chit-chatting and making comments about the house and such. Thru-out the whole time I could hear Bryan's stomach growling like he was hungry but I knew they just ate pizza with in the last 2 hours so his stomach should growl that much. I eventually mentioned to him about his stomach when he made the same comments to me. We both realized if it's not both of us then what was that. The owner did mention at times the kids in that room will go and sleep in another room but she hasn't asked exactly what makes them do this out of not wanting to scare them or make them fearful of the room. Later in the night Becky and Severn sat on the bed but did not hear the same sounds. After about 1030-11pm the house seemed to quiet down to a dead silence. No more sounds nothing. Becky and I sat in the 2nd bedroom till midnight and nothing occured thru-out the time. All in all the house is going to be really beautiful once fixed up I did not feel or see anything that alarmed me really or made me feel that what was there threatening or wanting to harm anyone. I've posted some pictures


Sevren Jacobs:I used a Fujifilm 35mm color disposable camera (with flash) and my Olympus digital voice recorder as my equipment of choice for the evening. I have yet to develop my film from the night but will be sure to post any questionable pictures that I come across! So far my audio review has been fairly uneventful but I still have more to finish up from when I was sitting in the attic with Brian towards the end of the night. Having arrived at the location an hour or two after the initial walkthrough had been conducted I may have missed out on some of the activity that took place prior. Things did seem fairly quiet throught the home during my stay. I was given a tour of the residence and informed of the night's activities upon arrival and then proceeded to visit the children's bedrooms where activity had been reported in the past and took some audio footage as well as spending some time in the home's attic with Brian and took a few pictures as well as more audio. I experienced a few temperature changes in the attic as well as a few minor noises which could be contributed by the age of the residence. Based on incidences that have been reported in the home as well as some of the events that transpired prior to my arrival, I am definently very eager to conduct a follow up investigation in this residence.

Bryan Kaplan:main experience took place as everyone was on the top floor of the home and we all heard someone walking around downstairs...that's about all I experienced.

Kelli Patrick:Equipment used: Cell sensor detector, Nightshot video camera and laser thermometer. During the walk thru, we would hear noises like someone was walking around. If we were upstairs, the sounds would be downstairs and vice versa or the sound would be coming from the next room. There were several events (around 8) that happened within about 15 minutes. I didn't see anything or feel anything strange, just the noises. After the walk thru, I stayed at the base and documented the happenings. Miranda and I didn't have anything happen while we were there. Nothing abnormal/paranormal caught on film. The Cellsensor and thermometer registered normal.

Becky Ray:When we arrived at the home and did our official first walk-through as we approached the front stairway I distinctly heard what sounded like someone moving about downstairs. When I called out down the stairs (not everyone had arrived yet, so I thought that maybe it was one of the other investigators arriving) I got no answer. Everyone present at that time heard it as well. I immediately went down the stairs and we checked the lower level but there was no one there. As soon as the last person came downstairs, we started hearing the same types of noises coming from the upstairs area. Again, no one was up there.
About ten minutes after this incident, we heard what sounded like someone going up the stairs. Again, on inspection no one was there. I placed my video camera on the staircase and am reviewing my video.
It was shortly after this that Bryan called everyone over to the side of the stairway where he was smelling a "floral" type scent that reminded me of pancake stage makeup, or perhaps a strong body powder.
Also, during our first visit to the basement area I had left my flashlight upstairs so I could not go into a section of it that had been used in the past for storing jarred foods. As I was standing near the entryway to this area I commented that I smelled sulfur. Almost immediately after I said this my camera took a photo. My hand was nowhere near the release and was in clear view of everyone present. The really odd thing about it is that I had it set on auto-flash, but the flash didn't fire. I'm very curious to see if this photo comes out.
**NOTE** I believe the sulfur type odor was coming from the central air unit. When we returned a second time I did not smell this odor, but when we went back a third I did, and the common factor was that the unit was running.
On our second group visit to the attic nothing out of the ordinary happened until we were leaving the attic space. As I was standing on the narrow stairs talking about a drawing one of the former homeowners had done on the wall I felt something lightly tap on my left shoulder. I looked at both people around me and asked them about it, but they both said they were just standing still.
Overall, this was a much more eventful night than I was anticipating, and am looking forward to our follow-up!


Miranda Stark:This house belongs to my husband and myself. It is an 1888 Victorian, in the historical district of Independence. We moved our family here this past winter, and have been working hard to restore it's classic charm and beauty. In a home of this old age, it is generally presumed that it may harbor a ghost or two. I have had my personal curiosities about this, my husband has also, though not so much as myself. Being a paranormal investigator, of course I was initially drawn to the potential for "activity", as my husband is more focused on the physical work at hand. We would never want our children to fear their home, or have frightening experiences where they are supposed to feel comfort. So far I've heard very little from them in regards to trouble sleeping, or having encounters with anything worrisome. My husband has been here, on occasion, alone, while the children, and I have been away. He has a handful of stories to tell involving unexplainable occurrances such as objects being moved and misplaced, something tugging on his shirt collar while he was busy painting, witnessing a white misty-like cloud hovering near the ceiling, sounds of shuffling around in other parts of the house, doors opening, and so-on. I have personally had some "odd" things happen to me while here, but never anything that keeps me awake at night. We thought it would be interesting to have an investigation here at our house, just to see if anything may by chance turn up. I, myself, did not do much of my own investigating, since I was host to the group that evening. Bryan did, at one point in the evening, report that the attic door across the hall from my oldest son's room, came open on it's own volition, which he found strange. Upon mentioning this incident to my husband, he looked at me in a surprised way, and remarked that this very thing has happened to him many times. He would apparently close the door after leaving the attic, and return later to it standing wide open. The part of the house where this door is located (at the bottom of the attic staircase) was once used as the "servant quarters" in the home. The servant(s) would have had easy access to the attic here, and occupied this area of the house more than anyone else at that time. The house was broken up into three apartments at one time and this area of the house was also used as it's own apartment as well. We are uncertain of any deaths occurring in the house, though in the 1800's most people died in their own homes, so it is likely that this has been the case at least once or more. There is still evidence from the investigation being analysed at this time, but to date nothing incredibly noteworthy has surfaced. I will update when more is known.

Unknown - 09:47 PM - 21st April, 2006 - Private Residence - Independence, MO
00:00 / 00:00

I'm not certain what this one is saying. You will hear one of the investigators cough, and some faint voices in the background as well as the mechanical noise from the rocker the homeowner's baby was in. But there is a loud voice speaking in a sing-song manner closer to where the camera's microphone is. 

Submitted by Becky

Child's Voice? - 09:50 PM - 21st April, 2006 - Private Residence - Independence, MO
00:00 / 00:00

This one was recorded shortly after the previous one. You will hear the home owner talking to one of the investigators about some of the things that have happened in the home as well as the mechanical noise from the rocker. Shortly after she begins talking there is another voice that seems to talk over her. To me this sounds like a child's voice. Shortly after this Bryan comments that he hears a voice, and then comments that it sounds like a child's voice. After the original clip plays, I have the section of the voice enhanced, and then the section where Bryan comments. 

Submitted by Becky

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