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Private Residence - Independence, MO

Location Information

Date:9th January, 2016     Type:Residential

Location Title:Private Residence     City/State:Independence, MO

Investigation Times:10:00 PM - 12:00 AM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:07:37 AM   Sunset:05:13 PM

High Temperature:33 °F   Low Temperature:10 °F

Sky Condition:Overcast   Wind:NNW at 16 mph

Humidity:85%   Precipitation:0%

Lunar Phase:Waning Crescent   % disk visible:0%

Solar X-Rays:Normal   Geomagnetic Field:Quiet

Pressure:30.06 mmHg


Investigators Present

Darren Hinesley

Becky Ray

Jennifer Sprague

Miranda Stark

Location History

This is a private home that was built in 1928. Some of the activity reported includes electronics turning on and off by themselves at night; footsteps in the living room when no one is there; and odd interference during telephone calls.

Investigators Notes

Becky Ray:In the years I have been doing paranormal research this is one of the families I find completely credible. No exaggerations or embellishments, just what they have been experiencing. 
After doing research on the home prior to the investigation we had some plausible ideas as to what might be causing the activity, so we used that as a starting place. 
During an EVP session we noticed a knocking sound coming from the closet. As the knocking continued and became more frequent we investigated and sent Darren outside to check the side of the house the sound seemed to be coming from. He discovered a tree trunk that was close to the house was being blown by the wind and hitting the gutter on the side of the house. 
I am still reviewing my audio and video and will continue to update my notes as I do so.
This is a home I would like to return to for a repeat investigation.


Jennifer Sprague:I was the pre-investigation contact on this investigation so I interacted a lot with the client. The client had previously kept a detailed log of the occurrences prior to us coming out, which helped so much with our investigation and understanding the client's activity. A lot of the activity that the client reported was auditory as well as visual. The occurrences started shortly after they moved in. Reported occurrences were house hold objects moving, noises in various areas of the house, of which one occurrence was in the bathroom were the client reported a loud banging noise as if somebody dropped or through a big rock, the other occurrence was in the bedroom where the client felt something hit the side of the bed. The client also reported some strange dreams. Occurrences tended to happen after midnight for the most part. The client was interested in the history of the property and its activity and was curious if that may have an affect on them during present day time. I was not able to attend the investigation and look forward to reading investigation notes soon. Special thanks to the client for allowing us to come out, we look forward to keeping in touch!


Miranda Stark:Our team, consisting of three members, arrived at the residence at 10:00 pm, and were shown around the property by the home owners who gave thorough accounts of unexplained activity and strange experiences. A great deal of these incidents involve a pattern of electrical disturbances where computers and audio equipment in the home have been affected. Children's toys have been activated on their own. Footsteps on the hardwood floor, the sound of an object being thrown against the wall then hitting the floor, and even the sound of hands clapping have all been heard by residents in the home with no logical explanation. Incidents of sleep paralysis with coinciding nightmares have been experienced. As well as an occurrence during a phone call where both parties heard an interference in their connection that sounded like choking, gagging and coughing sounds. The homeowners also describe one particularly odd experience which felt as if a strong burst of energy came from a wall in the bedroom and rushed into the side of the bed, with a force that jolted the bed, leaving them struggling to find any logical explanation. 
We focused the majority of our attention on the master bedroom, where most of the disturbances have taken place. With my baseline EMF sweep, the readings appeared to be normal, although I did get some spiking around the side and foot of the bed, which was quite a distance from electrical sources, outlets, computer equipment, and wiring. The spikes dissipated quickly, and I attributed them to other pieces of equipment belonging to another investigator that were resting on the bed nearby. We placed a plasma ball in the center of the room, which increased the electrical energy in the room enough to register on all of our meters, so we were hopeful of this enhancing potential for activity. We turned out the lights, started our cameras and audio recorders, and began an EVP session with rounds of questioning. Shortly into this session we began hearing what sounded like rapping or knocking sounds coming from a nearby closet. These sounds initially had us intrigued as we wondered if we had possible communication occurring in response to our questions, but as time went on they seemed to be getting quite loud, which made us suspect a more logical cause for them. One investigator went outside to inspect the conditions on the other side of the wall to the closet, and came back inside with photographs showing that a tree was pressed up against some guttering on that very corner of the house, which was the most likely culprit of these loud popping and tapping sounds, although the homeowner explained that she had never heard those types of sounds coming from the closet before this night. She has been asked to keep a log of these sounds if she hears them from this point on, so we may be able to verify whether the sounds are being created by the tree against the house. The remainder of our investigation on this night was uneventful. 
As I have reviewed my digital photographs from our time spent in the home, nothing anomalous or noteworthy has turned up. 

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