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Private Residence - Kansas City, MO

Location Information

Date:11th October, 2008     Type:Residential

Location Title:Private Residence     City/State:Kansas City, MO

Investigation Times:08:00 PM - 10:00 PM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:07:24 AM   Sunset:06:44 PM

High Temperature:81 °F   Low Temperature:61 °F

Sky Condition:Clear   Wind:SSE at 10 mph

Humidity:78%   Precipitation:0%

Lunar Phase:Waxing Gibbous   % disk visible:90%

Solar X-Rays:Normal   Geomagnetic Field:Quiet

Pressure:30.08 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Angela Kaplan

Bryan Kaplan

Becky Ray

Jennifer Sprague

Shawn Walsh

Trista Walsh

Investigators Notes

Bryan Kaplan:I definately felt an increased amount of pressure on my chest in the upstairs portion of the house. I've listened to nearly half of the audio as of 10/13/08 and have found a few interesting EVP's. I'll post my audio results soon. I think we should conduct a follow-up in feb. or march.

Becky Ray:On this investigation I used an EMF meter and my digital camera.
At several point during the investigation I felt as if someone was quietly watching us from a distance. Most of this activity seemed to come from the main stairway. 
While we sat vigil in the upstairs, I could see a slight change in the shadows at the top of the stairs as if someone was coming up them, but there was never anyone there. We played around with light fixtures, and cast our own shadows, but were not able to re-create exactly what it was I was seeing.
This was a very interesting location, and I am definitely looking forward to returning.

Jennifer Sprague:On this investigation I was note taker for the group. We started off with a tour of the house and the areas that reportedly had paranormal activity. We did all basic sweeps of those areas and didnt notice any noticeable spikes in any of the meters we were using, however, on a couple of instances a few members seemed to feel that they were being watched in the upstairs room where much of the activity occured. I can remember two occurences of fleeting feelings of uneasiness and anxiety for myself, but I can not say for certain that it was the cause of anything paranormal. We had two main evp sessions and on one occasion those staying in the house heard a loud knock downstairs while we were asking questions upstairs, two other interesting points to note is that at one point several members heard a set of keys dangling and at the time was too near to be anything coming from outside, the other occurence to note is that several members, including myself, saw a shadow moving on the camera and it seemed to becoming from upstairs, again the most reportedly active place in the house, we tried many things and tried various tests to try to see if we could recreate and explain this shadow but all our tests fail short of a clear duplication. We are still in the process of going over footage and video and will post anything of interest as soon as possible! Special thank you to the members of the household for allowing us to come out:)

Shawn Walsh:First off I would like to thank the homeowners for inviting us into their home to conduct this investigation. They have both interesting experiences in their home, they have witnessed a shadow person that seems to just observe them. The shadow is not transparent and seems to appear and move in the upper stairwell and along the rear of the house. One of the home owners have heard there name being uttered when no one else was around. And they inadvertently caught a interesting evp on camera. I recorded the entire investigation on a HD camcorder and placed one static HI8 camera in the stairwell. I also used the K2 EM meter, Trifield Natural EM meter, and a Pyromter on this investigation. I have reviewed all video and did not seem to capture anything abnormal. We also did not have any unexplained readings on the EM meters or any unexplained temperature variations. I did feel tightness in my chest in the upstairs loft. But outside of that minor incident I had no other personal experiences on this investigation. I would be interested in doing a follow-up investigation at the house if the activity continues to happen.

Trista Walsh:This was my 3rd investigation, and I finally feel I am up to speed on most of the investigation protocol. This particular investigation was in a home. The homeowners are experiencing some paranormal activity in their home. Both people in the home have seen dark non translucent shadows. They also get an uneasy feeling that they are being watch or that someone is there. They feel that someone likes to be upstairs where they have added on. Also they have heard someone utter there name aloud. We reviewed many pictures, two hours of Audio, and a few hours of combined HD and HI8 Video. Nothing abnormal was found.

No EVPS for this Investigation at this time
No VIDEOS for this Investigation at this time
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