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Private Residence - Overland Park, KS

Location Information

Date:10th February, 2008     Type:Residential

Location Title:Private Residence     City/State:Overland Park, KS

Investigation Times:01:00 AM - 02:45 AM     Status:Pending


Weather Information

Sunrise:07:16 AM   Sunset:05:49 PM

High Temperature:21 °F   Low Temperature:12 °F

Sky Condition:Clear   Wind:N at 10 mph

Humidity:64%   Precipitation:%

Lunar Phase:Waxing Crescent   % disk visible:15%

Solar X-Rays:Normal   Geomagnetic Field:Quiet

Pressure:30.66 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Angela Hodge

Laura Moon

Jennifer Sprague

Shawn Walsh



Investigators Notes

Angela Hodge:The owner gave us a little tour of the house but the main focus was the living room. We set up in the living room and did an EVP session. Occasionaly a few times when we asked questions the house would creek but nothing that was so obivous to think it might be of something else. We did a hear a few knocking sounds toward the bedroom area but nothing to alarm us. I myself could hear a little chatter going but nothing I could make out. Hopefully it will be picked up on EVP. I did feel a cool breeze but I noticed as we did a walk-thru in the basement the temp said 60 degree's since nothing happend afterward I assume it is nothing to be alarmed about. When we moved about the house and sat down in the family room we all heard what sounded like footsteps. Not even 2 minutes prior to that I just let the cat down to the basement and shut the door as I walked away you could hear the footsteps go down or up the stairs. When Laura open the door the cat was still at the top of the steps. She thought maybe the cat was pushing on the door. As she re-shut the door the cat went downstairs but you could not hear him go down. Laura was checking a vent in the entry way and I went over to the other side of it which would be the bathroom. As I stood there I noticed I was off a bit the floor seem to tilt forward but coming upon it you would not notice it. I asked Laura to join me and she also felt a bit off in the same area. I did not tell her which area I felt a little off in and she also picked up on the werid feelings I was getting too. We discussed with the owner to do her own EVP sessions to see if she can gather anything. All in all a very good investigation and good first one for Laura and Shawn. Thanks for having us out, if you believe that the activity re-starts again contact us again we would love to come out again.


Laura Moon:Older home with modifications done to the walls. Main hall bathroom floor appears to be sloping. When standing in front of the sinks (2), I felt dizzy. Digital recordings done in the living room, family room and basement, did not reveal any EVP. My feeling is the house does not appear to be active, but may have residual electrical sensations from the suicide that occurred in the home many years ago. It does appear that the heightened feelings of a presence occur around the computer, which was not present until the owner put that particular computer in the entry room. Modifications to an entry way wall may have caused shifting in the home, as well. Cracks in the basement floor point to increased shifting also.

Jennifer Sprague:I took my standard 35mm camera and took some pictures of the areas that had reported paranormal activity. This house had a lot of intricate history with deaths involved, one of the main places for claimed activity was in the living room by the computer table, although I didnt really experience anything personally at this visit, the only thing I felt that was a little strange was the sensation of goosebumps while sitting near the computer table, unbeknownst to me at the time, the owner also told me she felt the same sensations later on. I cant attribute that to something 'paranormal' as there could be many possible factors. With the history of the house and the reports of various people, I really look forward to going back at a later date, possibly at night, to do a more in depth investigation.

Shawn Walsh:This was my first field investigation with PAI. It was a good learning experience and gave me a small taste of what to expect once I attend full fledged investigation. The paranormal activity reported at this location includes footsteps in the attic, feelings of being watched in the living room, whistling sounds in the hallway, and most recently clear load gulping sounds are also heard in the living room while the lights are off and the house completely quiet. The house certainly has a history that may account for this activity. With a suicide occurring in the room where the activity seems most active. We arrived at this location around 1:00 PM. The client gave us a tour of the house while recanting stories in the areas where the activity has occurred. We then did an informal interview of the client getting more detailed info on the reported activity. We followed the interview with short EVP session. We then split up, sat around quietly and tried to get a feel for the house. Laura and Angela had odd feelings (dizziness) in the bathroom right next to the living room. And there was some odd foot step sounds heard coming from the basement at one point. But a cat was down stairs at the time so obviously we have to assume the cat was the cause of these steps we heard. I took 30 minutes of HD video, 19 pictures, and an hour of audio. All the data has been analyzed. The video and pictures had zero abnormalities. The sound was also clean outside of one abnormal sound that was recorded during the interview. Without a second validation source I can not verify whether this sound was indeed caused by individuals in the room at the time. If the activity persists the client will call us back to do a full blown investigation of the house in the evening.

Abnormal Sound Anomaly - 02:00 AM - 10th February, 2008 - Private Residence - Overland Park, KS
00:00 / 00:00

This was an abnormal out of place sound recorded on my voice recorder during the client interview. Not sure what it said but I added as no one remembers hearing this sound, and from where the recorder was placed in the room it seems very load and out of place. Unfortunately there was not another recorder running at time to go back and check against. 

Submitted by Shawn

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