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Private Residence - Topeka, KS

Location Information

Date:16th January, 2007     Type:Residential

Location Title:Private Residence     City/State:Topeka, KS

Investigation Times:08:00 PM - 10:00 PM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:07:40 AM   Sunset:04:25 PM

High Temperature:19 °F   Low Temperature:0 °F

Sky Condition:Clear   Wind:NW at 7 mph

Humidity:76%   Precipitation:0%

Lunar Phase:Waning Crescent   % disk visible:10%

Solar X-Rays:Active   Geomagnetic Field:Quiet

Pressure:30.7 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Angela Hodge

Becky Ray

Miranda Stark

Question: When did the phenomena start?

Answer: As soon as she moved in.


Question: Any certain hour of the day or certain rooms?

Answer: Upstairs bedroom, can be at any time.


Question: Any visual apparations?

Answer: Nothing visual at all.


Question: Any sounds?

Answer: Yes, male and females voices and singing in the upstairs bedroom.


Question: Any touches or caresses?

Answer: Felt touched two or three times in the kitchen.


Question: Any smells?

Answer: Have smelled men's colonge that is not anything anyone wears.


Question: Are you or any member of the family under stress?

Answer: Yes.


Question: Other?

Answer: Previous owners became ill and had to sell house.


Question: Have you heard any legends about this property?

Answer: Been told house was built on sacred ground.

Investigators Notes

Angela Hodge:Tonight's investigation was interesting for sure. We were invited to do a documentary on a person that is an alcoholic that believes there are ghost in the upstairs of her home. When we arrived to the home we were taken upstairs to the smaller bedroom of the two on the 2nd level. It took some conveniences to get her upstairs as she was afraid to even go put a foot on the steps. Upon arrival of the room there is a big window that has a view of the neighbor’s house side view which has 2 levels, 2 upper set of windows and 2 lower sets of windows that are full-size. (I have posted some pictures of the room) We were told that small children slept in this room and would always be scared that a man was in the room with him. When checking out the closest I immediately felt a room temperature difference from bedroom to closest. There were no vents in the closest but the closest is next to the outside wall of the house so insulation was minimal to none on that side of the wall. The temperature outside were in the low single digits that night. Miranda and I decided to go about the house and check the rest of the home to get a complete view of everything; while Becky tried to get more details in an interview from her. After 2 hours of the investigation I have come to conclusion that the house is not with a ghost or spirit at that time. The house was very pleasant feeling, but felt very sad in the home as they were filming about a life of an alcoholic. I'm not sure if the owner will remember us or even know we were there really but if we got the chance to go on different circumstances we could probable get a better reading if anything paranormal. All in all I enjoyed helping with the documentary. Hopefully it will air and we get to see it on TV sooner then later or later then never.


Becky Ray:This home is a very nice three bedroom home in a suburban part of town. However when we arrived it was very apparent that the owner was under the influence of alcohol. When I asked where we should set up she just pointed upstairs but refused to go up there with us.
Even though she had been drinking, nothing she described as experiencing was anything that we had not heard other witnesses at other locations describe before. Something I found interesting was that she never saw anything, just heard voices and singing, and complained of some plumbing and electricity problems. But when we did our investigation of the location we found explanations for most everything except the voices she hears.
Although we did not experience anything out of the ordinary while we were present in the home, that does not mean that there is not anything going on there, however the fact that the owner has a drinking problem has to be taken into account.

Miranda Stark:We arrived at this location by the request of the owner, to investigate some possible activity, mostly in the upstairs region of the home. The owner seemed very reluctant to even climb the stairs to the second floor, and explained to us that she has the impression that a presence lingers up there, particularly in one specific room, that makes her feel rather uncomfortable, as if she is being watched. She made it clear to us that she was quite nervous about the "presence" in her home. She commented that she believes that the house may be located on, or near, Native American burial ground, which we have yet to confirm as a fact. While Becky went about her interview process with the homeowner, Angela and I made our basic sweep of the entire home, looking for baseline EM readings and taking note of any possible leakage or overexposure. The EMF's all seemed rather normal, and tame throughout the location. The homeowner advised us that she has witnessed strange behavior from her pet cat in the room upstairs where she feels the most uneasy. We decided to take the cat into this room, and observe it's behavior for a few minutes. The cat did not react as if it felt uncomfortable in any way. She purred and played, and looked around like any curious cat would. We found nothing notable about any of our findings in this home. We think, perhaps, that the homeowner may be under a great deal of stress after learning more about her situation. We feel that alot of what she may be feeling around her has relationships to her current mental state, as she seems to be quite lonely and depressed, using alcohol and other prescribed medications to cope with life. We have concluded that we are unable to verify paranormal activity at this location at this time, largely due to the homeowner's present state of health and mind.

No EVPS for this Investigation at this time
No VIDEOS for this Investigation at this time
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