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Rice - Tremonti Home - Visit 2

Location Information

Date: 8 May 2021     Type: Museum

Location Title: Historic Home

City/State: Raytown, MO

Investigation Times: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Status: Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise: 06:11 AM   Sunset: 08:17 PM

High Temperature: 72°F   Low Temperature: 55°F

Sky Condition: Cloudy  Wind: E at 14 mph

Humidity: 60%   Precipitation: 100%

Lunar Phase: Waning Crescent   % disk visible: 7%

Pressure: 29.58 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Julie Klos Burch

Becky Ray

Jennifer Sprague

Neshela Duke
Wendy Schindler

Investigators Notes

Julie Klos Burch, Lead Investigator:  Started off the evening with an EVP experiment and meditation. Wendy observed and took notes. Jennifer has sent two introduction and documentation videos to be put on the site, detailing more information and more description of this experiment.

During this experiment, Becky’s camera shut off multiple times, even after changing batteries halfway through. At one point, Becky and Jennifer both heard a shuffling noise on the hardwood floor behind Becky during the experiment. Julie also noted a couple of pops and creaks at that time, possibly just normal house noises.

After the experiment, while the rest of the team was still in the experiment room, Julie went to the stairs where she thought she heard someone whistling behind her while facing the front door. She relayed this to the team, none of whom were whistling.

We went upstairs to investigate Mrs. Tremonti’s room. We did an EVP session and took photos. Nothing was noted in this room.

When we moved to the east bedroom, Julie's REMpod started responding somewhat erratically. We couldn't pinpoint a cause, possible battery malfunction. Also, something triggered her motion-activated ball and K2 meter in this room, but in no other rooms. Becky checked the floor, which was level. We then moved into the master bedroom and spent some time there. Nothing out of the ordinary was noted.

We then moved downstairs to Dr. Tremonti’s office, and things seemed pretty quiet there as well.

Several of us had instances of new or relatively new batteries dying throughout the night. The charged atmosphere of the incoming storm did not seem to cause or accelerate any paranormal activity that we could visually see, but the audio and video are still under review.

We thank Barb Schlapia and the Friends of the Rice-Tremonti Home for their hospitality.

Location History

The Rice-Tremonti House in Raytown, Missouri, is a building from 1844. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

Archibald and Sally Rice had moved to Missouri from North Carolina and eventually built a house in this location around 1836. The current Gothic Revival frame farmhouse replaced the original log house in 1844. The farm was about eight miles south of Independence, MO, along the Santa Fe Trail, and became a popular stop for travelers.

Archibald died in 1849, and his son Elihu Coffee Rice became the owner. In 1850 Elihu married Catherine "Kitty" Stoner White.

Sophia White, Kitty's slave, accompanied her and lived in a cabin near the home's back door. "Aunt Sophie" remained with the family until shortly before her death in 1896.

As slave-holding southern sympathizers, Rice and his family moved to Texas during the Civil War. For unknown reasons, the house was not destroyed under General Order No. 11. It is believed to be the oldest surviving frame building remaining in Jackson County.

In 1929 the house was bought by Dr. Louis G. Tremonti and his wife Lois Gloria, who sold the house to the Friends of the Rice-Tremonti Home Association in 1988. The association has restored the home and holds open houses for visitors. The site includes several acres of land, the house, and a replica of a slave cabin referred to as Aunt Sophie's Cabin."

Previous Investigations at this Location

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