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Old South Pittsburg Hospital Paranormal Research Center

Location Information

Date: 13 May 2023     Type: Hospital

Location Title: South Pittsburg Hospital

City/State: South Pittsburg, Tennessee

Times: 6:00 PM - 2:00 AM

Status: Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise: 6:40 AM   Sunset: 8:46 PM

High Temperature: 83 °F   Low Temperature: 61 °F

Sky Condition: Mostly Cloudy/Patches of Fog  Wind: Calm at 0 mph

Humidity: 90%   Precipitation: 0.00

Lunar Phase: Waning Crescent % disk visible: 38%

Solar X-Rays: Normal   Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Pressure: 29.42 mmHg  

Investigators Present

Jennifer Sprague
Becky Ray

Sarah Crowe




The Old South Pittsburg Hospital is considered by many to be one of the most haunted places in Tennessee. If you are interested in experiencing a haunted hospital firsthand or want to indulge in overnight ghost hunting, this is the place to be. This particular structure is located at what many call the "Foothill" of the South Pittsburg Mountain in Tennessee. In 1959, four medical professionals founded the facility and named it the "South Pittsburg Municipal Hospital" or "SPMH" for short. It consisted of a total of sixty-eight thousand square feet and was designed to meet the medical care needs of the growing community. Many physical additions to the haunted hospital were constructed throughout the next several decades. Unfortunately, the Old South Pittsburg Hospital was closed in 1998. 

The History of the Land

To truly appreciate the paranormal activity associated with this haunted hospital, it is first essential to learn a little about the history of the land where the facility currently stands. One of the most distinctive characteristics of the property is a natural spring that runs underneath this haunted hospital. It runs directly into the Northwest region of the Tennessee River. It is because of this spring that many individuals throughout history were attracted to the area.

In 1778, a Native American tribe used the land where the haunted hospital now stands for living and engaging in day-to-day activities that enhanced their survival. Examples of these activities included growing extravagant orchards, hunting for various types of animals native to the region, and fishing.

By the end of the hot summer of 1863, the Union Soldiers successfully reclaimed the land until the end of the Civil War. Despite this, many individuals residing in the community experienced numerous hardships because many soldiers took the livestock they raised, the foods they stored, items that could be used for first aid purposes, and other necessities. It was then that the residents realized that they could experience a high level of fortune by selling the various types of minerals native to the region and the limestone heavily present in the area's geography. Not too long after experiencing success in this endeavor, the railway came to the region and offered more opportunities for the region.

Many believe the activity stems from injuries, illnesses, and deaths, while the Old South Pittsburg Hospital serviced the community. Regardless of what has resulted in the paranormal activity, one thing is sure – this hospital is considered one of the most haunted places in Tennessee. Many paranormal investigators have conducted overnight ghost-hunting tours and acquired evidence indicating that something unusual is occurring in and around the structure. This evidence and the stories from locals, past employees, and others all point to the fact that this haunted hospital has many stories it wants to share.  


Investigator's Notes

Jennifer, Lead Investigator: 

Becky, Sarah, and I arrived at around 6 PM and took some outside exterior shots, met the hosts, and toured the building.

We set up our base of operation for the night on the second floor. Sarah and I then set up stationary equipment in the maternity ward. Sarah set up a camera, and I set up a motion-activated light to see if anything triggered either piece of equipment.

Areas of investigation:

Nurse Betty's Station - The most activity for me seemed to be at Nurse Betty's station. We all heard several sounds, including hospital equipment or heart monitor noises from the ICU or elevators. Unfortunately, nothing was picked up on my audio, although all three of us experienced it. There was no power in this area.

Morgue - All three of us spent individual time in the "body box" (morgue) and heard what sounded like movement coming from near the hallway.

Jim's Area/Entrance/Cafeteria/Kitchen (Combined) – "Jim," a long-time caretaker and janitor of the hospital, tragically passed away in his room when the hospital was still in operation. His cause of death was from diabetic shock, not a drug overdose, as some websites state.

We set up some motion-activated lights in the main hallway and kitchen to see if any movement could be picked up, and no audio recordings could pick up anything. At one point, we thought a motion-activated light had been triggered, but upon further investigation, it was figured out to be one of us coming into the vicinity of where it was.

We were told Jim enjoyed music, mainly 70s rock, so we played some music. However, none of the motion-activated lights were triggered in any abnormal way, and we did not pick up any strange audio recordings at this time in any of these areas.

Third Floor "Emergency" Experiment - We recreated a patient flat line on the third floor. During this time, Sarah saw movement in the hallway.

Nurse Betty Station, visit #2 - Becky reported seeing a shower person at the end of the hall during the second visit. She said it seemed to be just standing there and watching. Sarah reported hearing sounds as well during this time.

Nellie's Room - My experience in this room was calm and quiet. There is no audio EVPS or anything to report.

It is a fascinating location! The hosts were so great and very kind! I look forward to going back.

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