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The John Wornall House Museum - Visit 3

Location Information

Date:1st March, 2013     Type:Business

Location Title:The John Wornall House Museum - Visit 3     City/State:Kansas City, MO

Investigation Times:08:00 PM - 12:00 AM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:06:50 AM   Sunset:06:11 PM

High Temperature:30 °F   Low Temperature:28 °F

Sky Condition:Overcast   Wind:NNW at 9 mph

Humidity:76%   Precipitation:0%

Lunar Phase:Waning Gibbous   % disk visible:85%

Solar X-Rays:Normal   Geomagnetic Field:Storm

Pressure:30.24 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Angela Hodge

Becky Ray

Kevin Simpson

Jennifer Sprague

Investigators Notes

Jennifer Sprague:First, I would like to thank the the John Wornall House Museum and it's associates for allowing us to come out. This was our third trip there. We had a wonderful time and it is always an honor. During this investigation I brought my Olympus Digital Recorder and I was also note taker for the group. We investigated each part of the John Wornall House Museum and also the accompanying carriage house which was not part of the original house. During various parts of our investigation we did two main experiments during our e.v.p. sessions in which we played the sounds of musket shots and other noises associated with the sounds of the Civil War before our e.v.p. session. For our second experiment we set up a green laser grid during our e.v.p. sessions. The idea behind this was to see if by recreating some of the sounds relating to the history of the land and the house that it would possibly help heighten any paranormal activity. The grid being used to encase the room in grid dots to see if any unusual movement could be captured during our e.v.p. sessions. We started out in the piano room and did our experiments there. It was during that time that Becky and I heard what appeared to sound like a loud boom coming from outside the house. Being that this was during a cold night in March all the windows were closed and we also double checked with the docents who were there that night and none of them made any noise that could have recreated the sound Becky and I heard. It sounded similar to something like a canon being shot off towards the left side of the house. Kevin and Angela did not hear the noise that Becky and I heard. Other than that strange noise that was the only thing that I personally experienced and witnessed during the investigation. However, in the kitchen many members felt there to be a cold touch to one specific side of their face which was odd. I, myself, did not experience this and it wasn't until I started to review my audio that I realized just how many e.v.p.s. that I recorded including some in the kitchen during that specific experience. Interestingly, the initial start of all the e.v.p.s started to be picked up during the time we all started to move from the piano room to the dining room area right after Becky and I heard the loud boom sound during the beginning of our investigation. It was also right after our first e.v.p. session experiments. The recordings I picked up were a man, a woman, children, and a few inaudibles in various rooms of the house. Interestingly a man, woman, and children as well as a soldier have all been reported presences in the house. What is interesting for me is the majority of my e.v.p.s seem to be intelligent responses to our group or direct responses or comments as to what we were doing at the time as well as residual sounds and responses. I believe I have caught e.v.p.s in all the rooms of the Museum. The intelligent responses coming from the dining room and kitchen. The only room I did not record any e.v.p.s. in was in the carriage house. We did not use any emf meters or k2 meters during this investigation due to the large electrical system located in the base of the house as well as the one located in the kitchen. We felt that because of the electrical systems that it may give off false readings. I am in the process of posting the first half of my e.v.p.s to our site. I do not know if our experimentation was the cause of all the e.v.p. sensitivity or not, only more experimentation there and more visits will tell and I definitely look forward to going back!

Previous Investigations at this Location

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They Know - 1st March, 2013 - The John Wornall House Museum - Visit 3
00:00 / 00:00

This was taking during our investigation in the Dining Room. This same e.v.p. was repeatedly recorded in the downstairs area. What sounds like a woman's voice can be heard at the end. This was taken around the same time we were all trying to figure out where a loud noise came from had just got done talking to each other. Could "They Know" be in reference to us noticing or hearing something related to the presence there? Please share your thoughts!

Submitted by Jennifer

Boom - 1st March, 2013 - The John Wornall House Museum - Visit 3
00:00 / 00:00

This was the loud 'boom' noise that Becky and I heard. Luckily I was able to catch it on audio. The only members who heard it were Becky and I, Angela and Kevin did not.

Submitted by Jennifer

May have seen us - 1st March, 2013 - The John Wornall House Museum - Visit 3
00:00 / 00:00

This was taken after we were discussing the loud boom noise that we heard. This is towards the end of the recording. You can what sounds to me like a woman's voice whispering quickly and saying 'They may have seen us.'

Submitted by Jennifer

Time to get out and They're walking back - 1st March, 2013 - The John Wornall House Museum - Visit 3
00:00 / 00:00

This was caught downstairs after we were discussing a loud noise that we heard. You will hear us walking around. The floor is quite creaky. However, after you hear me say.."Please make that noise again, sir" you will hear us walking and then you will hear the low voice of a man towards the end of the recording saying "They're walking back." Right before he says that you can hear a frantic whisper..sounds to me like it says "..Get out." Or something like "Time to get out."

Submitted by Jennifer

Mommy - 1st March, 2013 - The John Wornall House Museum - Visit 3
00:00 / 00:00

This evp was captured in the kitchen of the John Wornall Museum. Sounds like a child's voice repeating the words of his/her mother. Sounds like it's says "Mommy..loves you." Thoughts? There were two child entities reportedly seen at the Wornall House but those sightings have been mainly upstairs.

Submitted by Jennifer

Gun - 1st March, 2013 - The John Wornall House Museum - Visit 3
00:00 / 00:00

This was captured in the kitchen of the John Wornall Museum. You will hear Kevin say "What the ....?" because he thought he heard something and then you will hear the evp quickly after that. Sounds like the word "gun."

Submitted by Jennifer

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