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The Lemp Mansion, Visit 4

Location Information

Date:8th September, 2006     Type:Business

Location Title:The Lemp Mansion, Visit 4     City/State:St Louis, MO

Investigation Times:11:45 PM - 03:00 AM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:06:36 AM   Sunset:07:20 PM

High Temperature:86 °F   Low Temperature:65 °F

Sky Condition:Hazy   Wind:SSW at 5 mph

Humidity:78%   Precipitation:0%

Lunar Phase:Waning Gibbous   % disk visible:95%

Solar X-Rays:Normal   Geomagnetic Field:Quiet

Pressure:30.02 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Kevin Glasow

Angela Hodge

Beth McLenaghan

Hugh McLenaghan

Becky Ray

Sarah Schroeder

Jennifer Sprague

Location History

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Investigators Notes

Kevin Glasow:Equipment used: Digital Audio recorder, Digital Camera, and cell sensor. Within the first several minutes in the Lemp I had my first experience when the bags I had left in the Elsa Lemp room moved on their own. I had been out of the room and out of site from the bags for a matter of seconds, and when I reopened the door the bags had been moved across the bed and my hoodie was hanging half off the bed. I entered the room and asked if Elsa was showing off for me, at which point the hoodie fell off the bed. The rest of the the evening was filled with several more experiences, mostly audio. The vast majority of these happened when we were in the parlor using the Oujia board. Multiple times we all heard something walking, tapping/scratching the glass, or moving in the room. Throught I seemed to feel a heat source pressing on the back of my neck. As well as everyone else I joined in the hunt for Becky's missing lens cap and can confirm it was not in the room when we looked for it. I even looked right before we all went outside the last time at the point where it would later reappear. I, however, was not there when it was found again. My evening sleeping in the Elsa Lemp room was uneventful beyond an odd dream what had Charles Lemp in it. I think that came from an overactive imagination and not anything paranormal, however. I am still reviewing the pictures I took and the audio recordings.

Angela Hodge:The Lemp Mansion is a must see in St.Louis. I was in Aww of the Lavender room bathroom. As it was mostly all marble and tiled with a fireplace in there. It is built for a woman in beatiful. As soon as we arrived and was taken up to the 2nd floor where we all had rooms, I felt imediatly something in William Lemp room. My eye's just hurt almost like I was having an allergy attack, the room was very fuzzy for me for while. After an hour or two passed this feeling did eventually go away for myself. Later in the night we decided to do some investigating in the Atrium room and as we all sat down in a circle asking for any of the Lemp family members to make them selve present or ask for any sign of there existance. I began to feel someone tug on the back of hair. No one in our group was behind me only beside me. Later in the even I also felt someone scratching my lower thigh and upper calve as I sat in a chair. It was painful just annoying as I kept touching my leg after it. Later in the night around 3am I decide to call it a night for myself and head to bed. While Jennifer who was my room mate for the night headed down stairs with everyone else to go outside for fresh air. Only Beth & Hugh and myself were the only ones up stairs in our beds. As i laid there in bed watching tv drifting to sleep I felt something crawl into the bed with me. As it creeped up the bottom of the bed on to my legs. It felt like an animal crawling in bed with me. No animals were present on the investigation. I just laid there still watching tv letting it happen, I felt a breathe hit my face that smelled like doggie breath. I then wrestled my feet and legs around to lift it off of me at that time I then heard a dog wimper and fade away..... Thru-out the night each of us at different time heard thud sounds or a thump on the floors. To me it sounded like a body fell to the floor or something heavy get knocked off. When we investigated the thud nothing was moved. I will post what pictures I have well some as i took over 200 pictures. I also did some EVP work and will go over that post if anything comes about. I would stay there again and would like to eat there also as it is a resturant and dinner theatre. What makes it even more awesome as my room faced the Brewery for Budwieser plant in St. Louis awesome I must time tour of that place.....


Beth McLenaghan:I love the Lemp. I wait each year to go there, because it's such a beautiful and emotive place. I used a digital camera. There were only a couple of odd things that happened to me there this year (unlike other years) while walking down the hall coming from the third floor down to the second, with Kevin behind me, I saw a dark shadow clearly pass across a door frame into the crack of the closed bathroom door connected to the Lavender room. We made several attempts to recreate it, but were unable to. About 2 hours later, I started feeling kind of light headed, and so I laid down on our bed in the William Lemp room, (with a camera aimed on me to document any sounds or events that might happen while i was alone, and while there I clearly heard two young girls playing and laughing. Later that night, (while with someone else) I also heard two men fighting, and at times what sounded like light, almost Ragtime-ish piano player. I was hoping they'd play "Name that tune" with me, but wasn't so lucky. The night was quiet, and I will begin going through my photos in the next day or two. We had a great time there, and I look forward to returning there next rear!!


Hugh McLenaghan:Again this was a fun time, wish it didn't go so quick. Unfortunately nothing happened to me during the visit, but things did happen to others.


Becky Ray:The Lemp is always a great place for an investigation, but we definitely had more experiences on this night than others.
The most intriging to me was the apparent deport and apport of my lens cap from my camera. I had removed the lens cap to use my camera, and not having any pockets on I sat it down on the table in the Lavender room. When I went to retrive the cap, it was not where I thought I had left it. Knowing I could have been mistaken about it's location, I began looking all over the room. Everyone on the investigation turned the room upside-down looking for this lens cap, including digging through the trash and taking all the cushions off the couch and looking under everything, but to no avail.
I decided to go on about the night and search for it later, but still canvased the room every time we took a break. At one point during the night, I spoke loudly to the house asking whoever had taken my lens cap to place it on the bed.
Shortly after 3am we decided to call it a night, and I checked the room again real quick before everyone except Hugh, Beth, and Angela went outside for bit. When I returned to the room after this, my lens cap was sitting plain as day on the bedside table. Several of us, if not everyone, had looked at this, as it stood out - being black on a white and lavender knitted cover.
Several other strange things happened during this investigation, that other members have mentioned. I'm getting my film developed and will be going over my video soon.

Sarah Schroeder:Equipment used: Digital camera and Hugh and Beth's Cell Sensor. Wow did I have a blast at the Lemp!! We had so many experiences that it will be hard to keep this short and sweet! :) When we arrived at the lemp, we were instantly given a tour of the attic that had now been transformed into having two more bedrooms which were absolutely beautiful! While I was standing outside of the famous "Monkey Boy Room", I felt my hair getting tugged on my right side a few times. At first I thought it might be my jacket, but it continued. After room assignments we started to unpack. Becky lost her lens cap which was later recovered...ill let her tell that story. Its too amazing! After I was done unpacking, I checked my cell phone and went outside for some air. After I came back in, my cell phone was all wonky and not working properly. It completely locked me out which takes several key strokes to get to, and wouldnt accept my password. As I was trying to figure out what happened to my cell, Kevin came downstairs and he too had just recently had an experience. It seemed the Lemp was already revving up for a fun night! We started our night by trekking up to Kevin's room (Elsa Lemp Suite). Somehow, the bathroom door to the lavendar room was left ajar and none of the PAI team members had even opened the door. Its a heavy door which requires effort to close which I did after we came back down. We then went to the Atrium and the team did some work with the ouija board. During the sessions, I was extremely nauseous. However, inbetween sessions, I was completely fine. I checked my pulse to make sure it wasnt anxiety and my pulse was fine. During the sessions, we heard footsteps behind us, taps on the glass panes on the room dividers, and a really loud BANG! above us. I also had my thighs touched and pinched during the sessions as well. Angela said that something was tugging her hair, and using EMF, it spiked a point higher behind her head. I tried the EMF in other locations but it remained normal yet quickly jumped a point directly behind her head. Other PAI members experienced other "touching" sensations as well. After the ouiji board, we started to head back upstairs to gather for another trek around the Mansion. At this time, Becky and I were standing outside of the Charles Lemp suite where I heard a little girls voice down the hallway. I asked Becky if she heard it, and she did as well atleast two times. Becky checked it out, but could not find a possible origin. We then descended into the basement. Nothing too interesting down here except I had a strong overwhelming sensation of someone standing directly behind me as if they were leaning over looking at what we were doing. We then went to the front dining room where Billy Lemp was said to have committed suicide. We all heard a loud "POP!" sound to the left of the dining area. After Billy Lemp's suicide room, we again ran upstairs real quick to reassemble. At this time, there was an overwhelming scent of vanilla that was at the top of the stairs and near the front of the Lavender room that was detected by myself, Becky, Hugh and Kevin with no known origin. After another fresh air break we returned back up to our rooms. This is when the lens cap reappeared (see Becky's posting). Becky and I retired to bed and yet still more odd occurrances continued. Becky let out a loud yelp when her foot mysteriously went into spasm. Intermittently, my toes felt like they were being touched and massaged. I had just thought it was the sheets rubbing my feet from Becky moving in bed until upon query, she hadnt moved her feet in several minutes. I had the sensation of fingers massaging my toes which continued even when I shifted positions in bed and with no movement from becky on the opposite side of the bed. It was not a muscle spasm - but a soft and gentle rubbing motion. As we were finishing our conversation, we both heard a loud "POP!" followed by a flash of light in our room. Becky investigated but could find no cause for this. Additionally, we had one other light streak within the room that was unexplainable. The Lemp Mansion was an incredible place! I can't wait to go back and get more evidence and have more experiences!


Jennifer Sprague:This was my first time going to the Lemp Mansion and I loved it! On this investigation I used a disposable 35 mm camera and a digital camera. I also placed a picture of my dog on the bed to see if for some reason it would be moved, it did not but I did have some other experiences. Angela and I stayed in Charles Lemp's room throughout the night, and both of us had some strange experiences during the night. Charles Lemp was a known recluse and before he commited suicide he shot his dogs, it is interesting to note that during the night Angela and I both continued to hear what we thought were dog whimpers around the room. And at one point Angela said that she smelled what appeared to be dog breath around her face and she also claimed to experience the feeling of something climbing on the bed. Upon hearing the dog whimpers, I looked around the room to see if it could be coming from somewhere else.. all the windows in the room were shut and the t.v was not on. Our door was also shut during this time. This happened around 4:00 am in the morning. I could not find anything at that moment that could explain where those sounds were coming from. Through out the night I did continue to feel uneasy and break out into sweats. The temperature in the room seemed to change a lot. Unfortunately, at the time I did not have a temperature gage with me to check to see if it indeed was the temperature changing in the room that was affecting me, or if it was something physical with my own body affecting me. Another experience I had was in the room Beth and Hugh were staying in. Upon entering it I felt very dizzy and disoriented and my eyes seemed to be going out of focus at times. At first I thought maybe it was something parnanormal affecting me..but I realized that more than likely it was the lights in the room..the lights seemed to have a weird dimming affect which seemed to throw a lot of my vision off which in turn made me feel dizzy. Earlier in the night Becky could not find her lens cap to her camera. I and many other members of the group searched the Lavendar room to see if we could find it. Later on, after we all had come back in from outside, Becky and Sarah came to Angela and I and said that there was something that we needed to see in the Lavendar room and when I went in to the room they showed me the lens cap sitting on the table. I know for a fact that we searched that entire room, including the night stand itself and all areas around it..numerous times.. we searched everything.. even the trash. I find the fact that the lens cap was placed on the nightstand after we had searched it so many times to be interesting. It was one of the most strangest things that occured that night. Nothing has showed up in any of my pictures so far. I do look forward to looking over more evidence this weekend! and I definitely look forward to going back!!

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