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The "Sallie" House - Visit 4

Location Information

Date:30th September, 2011     Type:Residential

Location Title:The "Sallie" House - Visit 4     City/State:Atchison, KS

Investigation Times:08:30 PM - 10:00 PM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:07:13 AM   Sunset:07:02 PM

High Temperature:74 °F   Low Temperature:42 °F

Sky Condition:Clear   Wind:NNW at 6 mph

Humidity:88%   Precipitation:0%

Lunar Phase:Waxing Crescent   % disk visible:15%

Solar X-Rays:Active   Geomagnetic Field:Quiet

Pressure:30.22 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Christina Anderson

Becky Ray

Jennifer Sprague

Location History


Investigators Notes

Becky Ray:The house seemed fairly quiet during this visit, however it appears everyone who was recording audio has found something out of the ordinary.

Jennifer Sprague:This was my first visit to the Sallie House. We had a small tour group with us during this time at the house as well which was set up by the Atchison Chamber of Commerce. On this investigation I had a digital audio recorder. We first talked a little bit about the history of the house and the experiences that people have said that they have had. We started off in the kitchen area and then headed towards the basement in different groups. I, myself, did not experience anything at the time, except a small tingling sensation as if somebody was lightly touching my hair. This happened mainly in the downstairs area. I quickly dismissed it as it possibly being the feathered hair tie I was wearing during the time. It was not until we were upstairs that somebody mentioned that last week during a separate investigation there that somebody had experienced their hair being touched. With that being said, I still dismissed it as it being my feather hair tie. We did a quick experiment with a flashlight downstairs and then headed up stairs to the nursery, followed by the doctors room and then the back bedroom. I didnt witness or experience anything that I could say was paranormal during the time I was there. However, I have reviewed all my audio and have came across some very interesting e.v.p.'s that relate to our investigation there and I hope to post them soon!! I do look forward to going back and doing more audio and spending more time there. It is an interesting place!


Question: When did the phenomena start?

Answer: First reports were in the early 1990s, however it is possible activity was happening earlier and not discussed.


Question: Any cold spots?

Answer: Cold spots have been reported various places in the home, specifically in the kitchen area.


Question: Any physical attacks?

Answer: The family that lived in the home in the early 1990s reported numerous attacks of scratches appearing on the husband.


Question: How far back can you trace the history of the property?

Answer: The home was built around the turn of the century and most owners have been verified via property records.


Question: Have there been any deaths or violent occurances in the the property?

Answer: Three confirmed deaths in the home, possibly more.


Question: Have you heard any legends about this property?


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In Here - 30th September, 2011 - The "Sallie" House - Visit 4
00:00 / 00:00

This EVP was captured in the downstairs living room. It is a quick whisper , the first part is not completely audible but the second half of the phrase says 'In Here.' 

Submitted by Jennifer

Door - 30th September, 2011 - The "Sallie" House - Visit 4
00:00 / 00:00

This was a very strange EVP that was caught in the downstairs area. There is some debate among the group with this e.v.p. as to what is exactly being said and whether or not it can be explained. It's a very clear sounding but the phrasing is what is strange. It is a female's voice and it mentions a phrase about a door. Either 'You locked the wrong door" or "You knocked the wrong door." Something of that nature. Feel free to drop us a line and let us know what you hear. 

Submitted by Jennifer

Feather - 30th September, 2011 - The "Sallie" House - Visit 4
00:00 / 00:00

This was captured downstairs in front of the entryway to the basement after I felt something lightly tug my hair. I joked about how maybe the spirits liked my 'feather' and I dismissed the light tug I felt as it perhaps being caused by a bug or perhaps my feathered hair clip, but then this e.v.p. was captured. The EVP sounds like a male voice and the phrase sounds as if he is whispering something about a feather.

Submitted by Jennifer

I'm Feeling Fine - 07:00 PM - 30th September, 2011 - The "Sallie" House - Visit 4
00:00 / 00:00

This EVP was capture downstairs in the kitchen area. This was an older woman's voice.

Submitted by Jennifer

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