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Whatsoever Community Center

Location Information

Date:9th March, 2007     Type:Business

Location Title:Whatsoever Community Center     City/State:Kansas City, MO

Investigation Times:07:00 PM - 09:00 PM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:06:39 AM   Sunset:06:19 PM

High Temperature:66 °F   Low Temperature:44 °F

Sky Condition:Fog   Wind:NW at 6 mph

Humidity:86%   Precipitation:0%

Lunar Phase:Waning Gibbous   % disk visible:75%

Solar X-Rays:Normal   Geomagnetic Field:Quiet

Pressure:29.93 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Kevin Glasow

Angela Kaplan

Bryan Kaplan

Jennifer Sprague

Investigators Notes

Kevin Glasow:This investigation was run in a very intersting building, and the activity we encountered has me excited to go back! Most of our experiences were audio, with claims ranging from hearing voices, movement, and singing. Most, if not all of the activity, seems to be focused on the second floor. I have found nothing in the photos that I took, and have not yet reviewed my audio. I look forward to returning with a large investigation and more equipment!

Bryan Kaplan:I feel that most of the activity resides in the upper floor of the community center, as well as the stairwells leading to the upper floor. I definately look forward to going back and shooting some video. I have some EVP results and I'll post them up soon.

Jennifer Sprague:I had a great time on this investigation and our tour through the Community Center was very interesting! This particular Community Center has had quite a history and has been many different things in the past including a school and a hospital. On this investigation I was the note taker for the group. We started off with a short interview and a question and answer session. We then were lead through various places through out the building and discussed various spots where things had been reported. I did note in one room that I heard a slight sound of some type of music being played, none of the other members noted anything similar at the tiem, however at a later time Bryan noted what he thought sounded like choir type music coming from one of the rooms. After the initial tour we did an evp session in a room on the top floor. While we were asking questions if there was a presence there, there was a loud knock sound coming from the left on the wall right behind Angela. It's important to note that at this time Angela did say that she felt a slight touch on the right side of her face. She looked around to see if there might have been any cobwebs present but there were none to be found. Bryan also noted at this time that he was beginning to get a slight headache. We did ask if there was a presence if it could move a book for us. We set up a book underneath a piece of wood in the center of the room and checked on it at a later time to see if it moved, when we returned it had not. During the second evp session in the room that used to be part of the hospital wing, Kevin and Bryan kept hearing a slight ticking sound- almost like somebody throwing gravel bits at a window. We noted everything that could be making the ticking sound and it didnt seem to be coming from anything in the room or outside. I, personally, at this time did not see, hear, or feel anything out of the ordinary. It wasnt until I returned out in the hallway with everybody that I started to feel a slight heaviness in my chest, other members at the time noted it too. When Angela and I returned into the first room together..we stood there for a few seconds with the lights off and her and I noticed and felt something in the room with us. We heard what seemed to be somebody moving around to our left and we both heard papers being rustled. We decided to stay in the room at this point while Bryan and Kevin went to another room. During this time we felt nothing unusual, it wasnt until we got up to leave that Angela noted that she saw a shadow pass by the door..when we got out she asked Bryan and Kevin if they had walked by the door and they said that they didnt. Also at this time Bryan and Kevin both noted that they heard a woman's voice coming from the top of the stairs while all of us were in the other room. They asked if it was one of us because they thought it might have been one of us saying the word HEY, but none of us did. Angela and I did another evp session in the the room that used to be the hospital area. We both noted that there seemed to be more of a heaviness in the room upon entering it. Afer awhile the feeing seemed to dissapate. During this time we both head a voice say something similar to : "Mom..Hey Mom..Hello" The strange thing about this was that the voice didnt seem to echo in the room. It seemed to becoming from our left and it seemed, to me, that it sounded like it was in a closed off space.. almost like it was in a room with no opening. At first I thought it might be somebody outside, I checked all the windows and sidewalks to see if I could see anybody outside that might have said those words.. but I could find nobody. There seemed to be a lot of audio related experiences on this investigation which is what was reported. Many of the members are going over their audio and pictures and we will post anything we find asap! I really look forward to going back and doing this investigation and hopefully getting access into some of the other rooms that were not attainable during our initial investigation. A big thank you to Whatsoever Community Center!

It aint me - 08:18 PM - 9th March, 2007 - Whatsoever Community Center
00:00 / 00:00

This EVP was recorded in the room that is used as the art room. The investigators were talking with a community center representative about experiences that had taken place. One such experience involved hearing someone walking up the front staircase of the community center.

Submitted by Bryan

Woman's Voice - 08:40 PM - 9th March, 2007 - Whatsoever Community Center
00:00 / 00:00

Bryan and Kevin were on the lower level of the community center when a woman's voice was heard. At the time that this was recorded the other investigators were upstairs in the art room talking about the closet in that room. After you hear the woman's voice, you will hear the other investigators off in the distance (further off than the woman's voice). 

Submitted by Bryan

Jump off the bed - 08:52 PM - 9th March, 2007 - Whatsoever Community Center
00:00 / 00:00

The following EVP was recorded in one of the back rooms of the community center. We later learned that the particular room we had been in had been used as a clinic (with beds) back when the center first opened. 

Submitted by Bryan

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