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Main Street Galleria Upstairs Tea Room - Visit 2

Location Information

Date:25th May, 2013     Type:Business

Location Title:Main Street Galleria Upstairs Tea Room - Visit 2     City/State:Weston, MO

Investigation Times:07:15 PM - 09:45 PM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:05:57 AM   Sunset:08:34 PM

High Temperature:83 °F   Low Temperature:62 °F

Sky Condition:Overcast   Wind:S at 12 mph

Humidity:78%   Precipitation:%

Lunar Phase:Full Moon   % disk visible:100%

Solar X-Rays:Active   Geomagnetic Field:Storm

Pressure:30.08 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Sevren Jacobs

Jenny Kerr

Becky Ray

Jennifer Sprague

Location History

From The Main Street Galleria's resident Ghosts have been featured on ABC, CBS, Discovery Channel, Discovery Magazine and The Examiner of Topeka "Dining with Ghosts" Our ghosts have earned a reputation far and wide. Come to the Main Street Galleria and check them out for yourself. Below is their stories. One of the most famous ghosts is Captain James D. McCardy, of the 7th Cavalry in Richmond, Virginia of the Confederate Army during the Civil War. His writing desk bearing his name is on display in the Galleria. The name plate on the desk, bears the Captain's name and the date 1861, Richmond Virginia. When the owner of Main Street Galleria purchased the Civil War era writing desk, she did not know that she had acquired more than just the desk. The ghost of Captain McCardy came with it. The Captain enjoys playing tricks on people, electricity turning on and off. The front door dead bolt unexpectedly locking during business hours. Many of the ladies feel his presence with unexplained goose bumps. Beno and Creola The building which houses Main Street Galleria was originally built in 1897. Beno and Creola Hillix originally owned the building. They lived upstairs and ran a pharmacy, soda fountain, and sold a variety of items on the main floor. The kids of Weston would come to the soda fountain and talk and have fun. Beno would stand at the pinball machine, smoke cigarettes and keep an eye on the kids. Once in awhile we smell the cigarette smoke, right where Beno stood at the pinball machine. Creola talks to us now and then, she seems worried about who is going and coming.

Investigators Notes

Jenny Kerr:It was a gorgeous full moon for the evening! We started off upstairs for the night and I took a few photos with flash, with no results of any anomalies. We then moved on to an EVP session which included audio recorded German questions which my son provided for us. We then moved downstairs into the candy/gift shop area and while I was standing on the backside of the candy counter looking towards the back of the shop. I distinctly saw either a shadow animal or shadow feet walk from the soda fountain area through a doorway at the back of the shop. The shadow was at floor level, very black and dense, and moved very swiftly. I took a few photos with flash, but with no results of any anomalies. We also went to the basement and conducted an EVP session which included the German audio. I did not record any EVP's through the evening, but played the German audio in different areas in hopes to get responses.

Jennifer Sprague:I'd like to thank Verna for allowing us to come out and investigate the Main Street Galleria Upstairs Tea Room! I'd also like to thank Eli and Valerie for joining us on this investigation. Eli and Valerie were guest participants in this investigation. This was Paranormal Activity Investigators second trip to the Main Street Galleria. On this investigation I was Lead Investigator. For equipment I brought my Olympus Audio Recorder. We split the investigation into three parts. We investigated each floor separately. We used three different types of experiments to see if we could heighten any paranormal activity. One experiment involved using audio references relating to the history of Weston as a city as well as audio references relating to the paranormal reports of the Galleria. Our other experiment was a green light grid. Before each EVP session we would play various audio recordings relating to the history of Weston as well as recordings and audio relating to those who are believed to reportedly haunt the Galleria. This audio experiment also included some questions spoken in German as it has been stated by various historians that Weston had a large German population at one time and during our last visit there a guest participant caught a German EVP on their audio recorder. We started upstairs first. No unusual spikes in EMF that we could not explain. After the EMF sweep was done we did our auditory experiment. We also began our EVP session and audio experiment and it was during this time that a table that Valerie was sitting at started to shake a little. Although an odd occurrence, it is important to note that a train passed through shortly before this happened. Although the train was still at a distance while it was passing through, there were just too many possible outside factors that could explain the table shaking the way it did. Somewhat of an odd occurrence, but nothing I would feel confident calling 100% paranormal. During our previous visit we saw some unexplainable shadows in the upstairs area. To try to capture evidence of that we set up a Motion Sensor Trail Camera in that area. After setting that up we went to investigate the downstairs area and set up an object control experiment. One of the reports of the Galleria is that various things would move and appear in different places. We used Valerie's keys to test the report out. We set up Becky's motion sensors around the keys as we went to the other side of the room away from the motion sensor to do our EVP/Audio experiment session. Strangely, after the first question was asked ( which happened to be in German) the motion sensor went off. This happened a few more times through out the EVP session. Because of this, we brought Sevren's Motion Trail Camera from upstairs and placed it downstairs to record that area while we then went back upstairs to do the laser grid experiment. It's important to note that during this time while we were upstairs many of us experienced our batteries being drained after being fully charged. We set up the green laser grid in the area where we saw an unexplained shadow last time. We noticed some strangeness at times with the grid, although that may be because it's battery also became drained, which made the lights on the grid appear dimmer at times. It was upstairs during this time when I believe I may have caught an EVP. I will post that in the Audio section soon. We then returned downstairs to do the grid experiment down there. Nothing unexplainable happened during that time. After that we then went to the basement and did some audio down there, too. I have reviewed all my data and will post my Audio soon. Others are still reviewing their audio and camera recordings and will post anything notable as soon as they are done reviewing. I'm interested in seeing the other findings of my group to see if any of what they found correlates with the EVP I captured upstairs or if they found anything similar in their review. Again, thanks to Verna for having us out!

Previous Investigations at this Location

Main Street Galleria Upstairs Tea Room - Visit 1, 19th March, 2011

Man's Voice - 25th May, 2013 - Main Street Galleria Upstairs Tea Room - Visit 2 - Weston, MO
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This was captured when we were upstairs and talking about our experience last time at the Galleria. It sounds like a man's voice, although I am not quite sure what he is saying.

Submitted by Jennifer

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