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The Catacombs Haunted House, Visit 4

Location Information

Date:29th April, 2006     Type:Business

Location Title:The Catacombs Haunted House, Visit 4     City/State:Kansas City, MO

Investigation Times:10:45 AM - 04:00 AM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:06:22 AM   Sunset:08:09 PM

High Temperature:63 °F   Low Temperature:54 °F

Sky Condition:Rain   Wind:E at 10 mph

Humidity:94%   Precipitation:%

Lunar Phase:Waxing Crescent   % disk visible:5%

Solar X-Rays:Active   Geomagnetic Field:Quiet

Pressure:29.73 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Sevren Jacobs

Bryan Kaplan

Hugh McLenaghan

Becky Ray

Todd Sheets

Question: Any visual apparations?

Answer: Shadow people have been seen


Question: Any sounds?

Answer: Sounds of people running up/down the stairs when no one is there


Question: Any rappings or knockings?

Answer: Knocking on walls


Question: Any touches or caresses?

Answer: Several people have reported being touched


Question: Any physical attacks?

Answer: There have been a couple of physical attacks. On the second floor and on the fourth floor


Question: Have you heard any legends about this property?

Answer: In the past this building was a warehouse. There are deaths associated with the large elevator shaft. At least one man was shot and killed here during prohibition.

Investigators Notes

Bryan Kaplan:per usual, some feelings of being watched. Though it didn't feel as active as it was on previous visits.

Hugh McLenaghan:Strange noises were heard during this investigation, none of which could be easily explained. Also during our time on the bridge it moved quite a bit, even a little when we turned on our flashlights. Pretty cool stuff!

Becky Ray:For me, this investigation was similar our first two visits. I didn't get the feeling I had on the third.
While we were on the fourth floor we heard strange footsteps near the working elevator, and a couple of investigators reported a feeling of "presence" with us.
In just about every location in the building we went to, someone, if not all of us, experienced temperature changes. These changes were recordable from 3 to 5 degree differences.
We had been told of an old medical table in storage on the fourth floor that will cause a compass to "spin." I brought my compass and magnetic field viewer card along to test this out. While my compass did not "spin," it did point in different locations depending on what part of the table I placed it on. I felt this was probably caused by the table becoming magnetized since it was made of metal. I placed my magenetic field viewer on each section and discovered that, for whatever reason, this table was highly magnetized.
We ended the investigation by returning to the bridge. I suggested that we all sit close together rather than a foot or two apart, but that didn't seem to change the results. I also placed my motion activated camera under the bridge, so if anyone or anthing was moving under there it should have captured it. Although the bridge did shake violently at times, my motion detector never went off.

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