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The Lemp Mansion, Visit 2

Location Information

Date:23rd June, 2005     Type:Business

Location Title:The Lemp Mansion, Visit 2     City/State:St. Louis, MO

Investigation Times:10:00 PM - 02:00 AM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:05:37 AM   Sunset:08:29 PM

High Temperature:96 °F   Low Temperature:74 °F

Sky Condition:Clear   Wind:SSW at 6 mph

Humidity:74%   Precipitation:0%

Lunar Phase:Waning Gibbous   % disk visible:95%

Solar X-Rays:Active   Geomagnetic Field:Quiet

Pressure:30.02 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Bryan Kaplan

Kelli Patrick

Becky Ray

Miranda Stark

Investigators Notes

Bryan Kaplan:My only true experience took place in Elsa's room. I was awaken to someone sitting or laying on top of me. That and I experienced one of my legs being bounced up and down on the bed ... I had no control of my leg at the time.

Kelli Patrick:Equipment used: Sony Nightshot video camera, EMF detector, laser thermometer, 35mm camera. I set up the camera in the "Lavender Room". In this room, there is the sitting room, bedroom area and bathroom. The video camera was set up in the sitting room facing the bedroom. Throughout the night, Becky and I were awakened by noises. She heard a female voice talking, but couldn't hear what she was saying. I didn't hear that, but I did hear a sigh twice in a row around 3:10am. At 2am, I woke up because something ran into my side of the bed. No one was there, but I felt a hit on that side. Throughout the night, we would hear banging noises in the room, but didn't see any shadows or apparitions. During the rest of the investigation, I didn't see anything, but our EMF detector kept going off around the couch in the William Lemp room. We tried to rule out an normal causes, but couldn't. In the Charles Lemp room around 11pm, I got a heaviness like someone was pushing down on my neck and shoulders. We left the room and came back about 15 minutes later. The heaviness was gone. I am still in the process of reviewing my video and get my film processed. I will update the notes when I am done.

Becky Ray:I love this place! We started our investigation in the William Lemp, Jr. Suite and almost immediately got some results. Our meters all picked up activity around the couch, and nearly everyone felt temperature changes in the room although our thermometers didn't always detect changes. I followed a "cold spot" around the middle of the room as it changed locations and finally vanished as well.
In the Charles Lemp room the temperature never cooled down the entire time we were in the mansion. I was to stay in that room and I had the fan running the entire time, but that room remained ten to fifteen degrees warmer than the rest of the mansion at all times. There was a heaviness in the room that almost was oppressive was well. Miranda and I both took strange EMF readings in the room that moved from one end of the piano to the other, across the room, to the bed, and back to the piano. There would be activity one minute, and nothing the next.
Due to the heat I spent the night in the Lavender Suite with Kelli. Sometime between 3:00 and 4:00 a.m. I was awakened by a female voice talking in a normal tone. It sounded as if the voice were coming from the bottom of the stairs. This voice was not anyone I knew and was definitely not one of our investigators. No one else was in the mansion. This woman's voice was eloquent and fluid, not the sort of voice you'd expect to hear coming from someone outside on the street at that hour.
As usual, I can't wait to return!

Miranda Stark:Upon arrival we were given a tour, to become aquainted with the layout of the house. We each decided which rooms we would be staying in overnight. After the staff left for the evening, we decided to set up for the investigation and placed video cameras in certain areas. We spent time in each room, observing feelings in the atmosphere, watching for fluctuations in meter readings and temperature, and collecting photgraphs and audio recordings. In one room we were all sitting casually, and I decided to take some photographs. I was able to see an "orb" on my digital camera, just above Kelli's head where she sat on the couch beside Becky. I decided to take my EMF meter over to that area, to look for any energy fields that may have caused the "orb". Sure enough the EMF reading spiked from a normal room-level 0.3 to a 4.0 in certain places around this couch. The readings dropped when approaching the wall, which ruled out the possibilty of inner-wall electrical wiring causing the anomalous field. The energy even seemed to "move about" yet always remained in the vicinity just around the couch on that side of the room. A similar thing happened in another room where an old piano seemed to be the focal point for alot of energy. I also got a photo of "orbs" around this piano, as my EMF meter did locate spikes in the area, and Becky's cell-sensor did as well. There was also another anomalous object in one of my photos in this very room, as I followed Becky taking photos as she located areas of intense energies. I experienced no physical phenomena during the night.

Previous Investigations at this Location

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