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Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Visit 3

Location Information

Date:27th May, 2006     Type:Business

Location Title:Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Visit 3     City/State:Louisville, KY

Investigation Times:11:30 PM - 06:30 AM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:06:24 AM   Sunset:08:57 PM

High Temperature:89 °F   Low Temperature:67 °F

Sky Condition:Clear   Wind:ESE at 4 mph

Humidity:88%   Precipitation:0%

Lunar Phase:Waxing Crescent   % disk visible:0%

Solar X-Rays:Normal   Geomagnetic Field:Quiet

Pressure:29.88 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Sevren Jacobs

Bryan Kaplan

Beth McLenaghan

Hugh McLenaghan

Kelli Patrick

Becky Ray

guests: S.P.I.R.I.T. Investigations

Location History

See our URBAN LEGENDS section: Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Investigators Notes

Sevren Jacobs:First off I felt very honored to be given the opportunity to explore such a history filled place! This was my first time visiting The Waverly Hills Sanatorium and our tour guides were fantastic! There was still a group tour going on when we first arrived so it was a little hard to tell any strange sounds heard down the halls were paranormal related or a result of the other tour coming to a close. We started off on the second floor where I did see a few very petit sized black masses that moved through one of the doorways and to Kelli's lap. I also Saw another black mass move infront of and right Becky as she sat in her chair as well. Toured the rest of the building and experienced a few temperature changes. I stood in the doorway of one room with Hugh and heard some footsteps as if someone was pacing behind us. Also saw a few more shadow people wandering the halls. This occoured usually when the majority of the group was looking in one direction and someone else and I would look in the opposite direction behind the group. I did take a walk down the body chute which made for a GREAT workout down and up that many stairs. Didnt encounter anything out of the ordinary while I made my way through though. I am still reviewing my audio and finishing up developing my rolls of film but so far I have not discovered any unexplainable anomalies. But if anything should come up Ill be sure to post it! Thanks so much to those that made this trip possible! It was very much appreciated!


Bryan Kaplan:A very interesting place. While I did not see any apparitions, there were the usual shadows, sounds, and whispering throughout the building. I recorded several hours of audio and video to go through (and hope to post any evidence soon). Photographs that were taken showed nothing beyond the usual dust orbs. I would definately go back again (hopefully this next year).

Beth McLenaghan:Fascinating, beautiful building. I've never gone into an investigation expecting to feel and experience so much, and left so profoundly disappointed. Would love to go back, and be part of another investigation there. Once I heard footsteps (like those made by hard soled shoes striking the floor intently) and another time would have sworn I saw an arm descend down to the right and just behind my head (when there wasn't anyone behind me) but got nothing significant in my photos.

Hugh McLenaghan:This is one of those places that every paranormal investigator want's to be able to investigate. It was a very interesting night, although I personally didn't see anything (which made me disappointed), but it was obvious that things were happening. Most of the other investigators did see things. The only thing that I experienced there was some temperature changes.

Kelli Patrick:Equipment used: 35mm camera, digital camera. This was my 3rd time visiting Waverly Hills. I never saw any apparitions this time, but saw several shadow people. In the second floor hallway, just outside the cafeteria, we sat for awhile taking the place in. I was on the end closest to a doorway to the cafeteria. Shadows were seen in the doorways, going by in the cafeteria and several would come up a long the floor like a child or animal size. These shadows would come up next to me and I could feel coldness and then be hot. One of these shadows came up next to me and jumped in my lap. Becky was sitting next to me and saw this too. I didn't feel anything sit on me, we could just see it. On the 3rd floor- I just saw the shadow people and many bats. The 4th floor- More shadow people. Several of were poked within a couple of seconds like someone was walking down the hall touching us. I was in the middle of the group, but we were spread out so no one was touching each other. I was poked on the right shoulder. At the end of the hallway where the homeless man and his dog were killed, several of were sick to our stomachs, but I just had an uneasy feeling about that area. 1st and 5th floor- I didn't feel a thing there. I didn't feel or see anything in the death tunnel, except for a draft coming up the tunnel towards us. I was sitting the closest to the stairs. The draft was not constant and felt like a draft as if someone had just walked by. Still developing my photos. Love that place. Thank you to all who set this investigation up and to SPIRIT for joining us. Our tour guides have been awesome each year we have gone with them. Rhonda (Daphne) and Jonathan (Fred)are the best!!


Becky Ray:First of all, I'd like to thank the team from S.P.I.R.I.T. for joining us on this investigation! Great to have you guys along!
Secondly I'd like to thank our hosts in Louisville - owner Tina Mattingly and guides Jonathan and Rhonda!
It was great to have most of our active team with us on this investigation! 
On this night, it was a new moon, so there was no moon light outside to cast shadows inside the building. This was ideal for our investigation!
We started the investigation on the 2nd floor in the hallway between the cafeteria and the kitchen. So much construction has been done here since my first visit, and even my last! Most of the windows and doors to the cafeteria were boarded up, and almost this entire wing of the building now has new windows in it. Still, this hallway seemed to be as active as ever. We hadn't been there long when the shadows started to move. As I was sitting in a chair next to Kelli I saw a black mass that appeared to be about the height of a dog moving across the floor not far from where we had set up. I was pointing it out to the others when this blackness seemed to move from the floor, across Kelli's lap and then everything went completely black! I couldn't see a thing!
Shortly after this, Kelli moved from the chair she was sitting in to across the hallway. While she was there, a larger black mass moved to the chair next to me where Kelli had been sitting. Several investigators, including our guides, saw this as well. While this mass was covering the chair, I covered my eyes and just listened. During this time my right side became very cold. My right elbow felt as if I had set it in a tub of ice. Then I heard what sounded like the canvas of the chair next to me being stretched - as if someone were sitting in it. I opened my eyes, but no one was there. 
We then moved to the third floor where I have had two previous experiences with "Timothy." I brought along a ball for Timothy to play with this time, since on our previous visit he was in a very playful mood. I wrote the date on the ball to mark it so I could tell if it had been moved, and Jonathan and I placed the ball down the hallway from where we set up. We tried to coax Timothy out, and it seemed for a bit that there was some activity, but a loud noise stopped that immediately, and we didn't experience Timothy again that night (unless we have something on audio or video that we have not discovered yet.)
Also on the third floor, we decided to try leaving a cigarette for the spirit of an elderly woman who died in the building when it was Woodhaven. Allegedly, shortly after her death several patients continued to complain of her visiting their rooms and stealing their cigarettes. At the end of the hallway is an area that she is known to have been in. As we got to the area to place the cigarette, the four of us down there all smelled fresh tobacco smoke... as if someone had been smoking shortly before our arrival. 
We later moved on to the fourth floor and continued to watch and listen for anything unusual. It was on this floor when several investigators started commenting on feeling as if someone was poking them. As we walked down the hallways I started to feel nauseous. We stopped for a bit in a location that had been highly active on previous visits. When we started to leave this area I turned to my left and saw an extra person standing in a doorway, and this person was not part of our group! A couple of other people commented that they had either seen him as well, or had felt something there. This man looked like he was dressed in dark slacks, with a light colored shirt, and long light colored jacket.
As we moved down this wing, Beth and I decided to walk to the end of the hallway and back while the rest of the group watched for activity. As we approached a doorway two from the end, I had a sudden feeling of foreboding. I did not want to walk in front of that doorway. We called Bryan to join us, and he reported seeing a large shadow form in that room and attempted to capture it on video.
Nothing of note occurred on the fifth or first floor, or in the body chute, that I can recall, but I am still going through my audio recorder from that night, as well as video and still photos.

Previous Investigations at this Location

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Slap Cry - 12:34 AM - 27th May, 2006 - Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Visit 3
00:00 / 00:00

You will hear what sounds like someone being slapped and what sounds like a kid or baby yelping/crying in reaction to the slap.

Submitted by Bryan

Moveit-DropIt Here they Come - 12:39 AM - 27th May, 2006 - Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Visit 3
00:00 / 00:00

This was recorded six minutes into being in the building. We were sitting just outside the cafeteria. You will hear Bryan talk about the fact that half of the group was going to look in one direction and the other half was going to look in the other direction. You will then hear an unknown voice say 'Move it. Drop it, here they come.'

Submitted by Bryan

Hide It From The Boss - 12:43 AM - 27th May, 2006 - Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Visit 3
00:00 / 00:00

We were still sitting outside the cafeteria when this was recorded. Everyone was being quiet in this clip. You will hear an unknown voice say 'Hide it from the boss if (or when) he comes.'

Submitted by Bryan

Where the Ice Go - 12:55 AM - 27th May, 2006 - Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Visit 3
00:00 / 00:00

Still sitting outside the cafeteria. You will hear Bryan ask Angela how she was doing. You'll also hear others in the group converse for a little bit. Then everyone will get quiet and you will hear an unknown voice say 'Where the ice go?'

Submitted by Bryan

Why Are You All In Here - 01:32 AM - 27th May, 2006 - Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Visit 3
00:00 / 00:00

You'll first hear Bryan say, "There aren't even windows," followed by a little silence and then Becky and someone talking in the background. You'll then hear Bryan say, "I don't think it'll hurt it. It'll just temporarily blind it". After a little silence you'll hear an unknown female voice say 'why are you all in here?' Notice how tough it is for her to form the words. 

Submitted by Bryan

Who's There - 02:15 AM - 27th May, 2006 - Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Visit 3
00:00 / 00:00

Hugh and Jerry were down at one end of the hallway while the other part of the group were down the other end trying to determine something they saw in their part of the hallway. Bryan was between both the group and Hugh/Jerry. You will hear Becky and others in the group talk about some shadows in reference to Hugh and his shadow, followed by an unknown male voice saying, 'Who, who's there?' 

Submitted by Bryan

Come Back Come - 02:25 AM - 27th May, 2006 - Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Visit 3
00:00 / 00:00

You will hear Bryan talk briefly with Angela followed by an unknown voice saying, "Come (back) come."

Submitted by Bryan

Mine - 04:09 AM - 27th May, 2006 - Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Visit 3
00:00 / 00:00

You'll first hear Bryan say, "Huh?" followed by some other group members talking, followed by an unknown voice saying, "Mine," and then another unknown voice say, "Mine"

Submitted by Bryan

Nurse You Lay Down - 04:38 AM - 27th May, 2006 - Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Visit 3
00:00 / 00:00

You will hear a few of the investigators talking with each other followed by an unknown male voice saying "Nurse you lay down." 

Submitted by Bryan

Need Breakfast - 04:44 AM - 27th May, 2006 - Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Visit 3
00:00 / 00:00

You will first hear Bryan whistle followed by one of the guides say, "If there's anybody up here tonight...." followed by an unknown voice saying, "Need breakfast."

Submitted by Bryan

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