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The Lemp Mansion, Visit 5

Location Information

Date:5th October, 2008     Type:Business

Location Title:The Lemp Mansion, Visit 5     City/State:St. Louis, MO

Investigation Times:10:00 PM - 03:00 AM     Status:Analysis


Weather Information

Sunrise:07:01 AM   Sunset:06:37 PM

High Temperature:81 °F   Low Temperature:54 °F

Sky Condition:Hazy   Wind:SE at 1 mph

Humidity:86%   Precipitation:0%

Lunar Phase:Waxing Crescent   % disk visible:35%

Solar X-Rays:Normal   Geomagnetic Field:Quiet

Pressure:30.15 mmHg  


Investigators Present

Angela Hodge

Angela Kaplan

Bryan Kaplan

Laura Moon

Becky Ray

Jennifer Sprague

Shawn Walsh

Trista Walsh

Location History

See the "Urban Legends" section of our site.

Investigators Notes

Angela Hodge:First off want to Thank the Lemp Manison for allowing the full access of the home to do an investigation. Our night started off on the 3rd floor in Louis and Frederick Lemp rooms. These 2 rooms were once at one time the attic and housed a child that was shunned upon by the family and hidden. Once we settled we did a little bit of EVP session seeing if we could entice the so called boy that once lived upstairs. I had my own digital recorder on hand in the room recording. I did not feel anything out of the norm in the room it was difficult to hear anything or make a final judgement upon the room as you could hear the highway very clear thru the windows. Jennifer and I stayed in these 2 rooms thru the night we left the pocket door open so we could have at least a witness to anything if it did happen in the room. Later on in the night as we settled down to sleep around 2 or 3am I slept in Frederick Lemp side of the room, I was pulling down my sheets and realized that I did not have a fitted sheet so I remade the bed kind of quickly as I stood there making the bed with no shoes, my feet were partially under the edge of the bed and I could feel something touching my feet almost like 2 hands were playing with top of toes and feet. It startled me a bit and I stepped back. I crawled into the bed and watched a little bit of the TV to settled down and eventually turned off the tv after 15 minutes, as i began to drift asleep my bed began to shake a bit almost a swaying front and back motion. The bed does not have a head board so the bed frame which i didn't take a look must be on rollers of some sort. It began to sway enough for me to call over Jennifer to come and sit on the bed. When she sat down the bed stopped. I asked if she could feel it and nothing. I started to think is it because I am tired and the bed is moving but that never happens when I am at home or any where else. When Jennifer went back to her side of the room I re-settled down and was ready to drift again when the bed moved again, by this time I gave up as I was too tired and made the comment outloud " do whatever but I am too tired to play and need my rest" I fell asleep soon after with the bed still moving. When I awoke I pushed the bed back up against the wall and went about my morning to enjoy the Breakfast provided by the resturant in an hour. Back to the normal investigation...........After the Louis and Frederick Lemp rooms we ventured down the hall to Elsa Lemp room which we tried another EVP session. Elsa Lemp room we did not stay in very long, again this room you could hear the highway too much. We went onward to the 2nd floor and went into the Charles Lemp room again tried another EVP session, in this room I left a bone to try and entice the dog that I felt the last time crawl into bed with me. Nothing moved the rawhide bone thru the night. Laura stayed in this room and I asked her if she felt anything at night and she did not reveal anything new to me. On to the William Lemp Suite, in this room we thought we smelled something but it was only the plug-in that we found attached to an outlet in the room. While sitting around in the room we all started to feel as if someone was missing but all 9 of us were there. We all made the comment as if we had 10th person with us but we only had 9 people there. The Lavender Suite was visited next and this is where we set up all of our equipement we never stayed long enough in this room to really investigated the room fully. As always this room has the best looking bathroom a woman could ask for. We ventured to the 1st floor where the resturant is and checked out the room where one of the Lemps shot himself at his desk, we did not do any EVP or any type of session in this room we moved on to the main dining room and set up some equipment and got reactions out of it every time we asked a question. But in the room I did not feel as if anyone was there with us. We did a Seance on the 3rd floor and it spelled out Elsa Lemp name, but nothing came of this. We tried another seance in Atrium room and got a Anna Lemp and Nathan Lemp, we verified the information with the history books as none of knew anything about a Anna Lemp, what was written down and coincided with what was in the history book which was very interesting. Through out the whole investigation I had a few names and people come to me but it was very loud from the highway and it kept interrupting my thoughts so i was unable to concentrate a lot of the time. I had the name Christian come to me when we tried to contact the little boy and Laura had the name Nathanial come to her while we sat in the Charles Lemp room. This was a nice visit not as active as prior visits but very enjoyable.


Angela Kaplan:I really didn't experience anything at the Lemp. It's a shame considering the experiences other group members have shared from their past visits

Bryan Kaplan:For the most part this visit to lemp was a quiet one. Hopefully I'll have some results from the audio.

Becky Ray:On my fifth visit to the Lemp Mansion, I have to admit that it was definitely the least active I have ever witnessed this location. There have been nights at this place where I could not sleep all night, however on this visit, it felt just about like any other house. However, I have not finished reviewing my audio and video or 35mm film that was recorded this night. My digital photos show nothing out of the ordinary except a massive amount of dust orbs.
During our investigation other members of the group had some strange feelings, and we did get some odd readings and reactions from EMF meters, and at one point while we were in the Charles Lemp Room I did hear what sounded like another person walking down the hall outside the room.
I am not a believer in using the K2 meter as a medium, and I am normally against using the Ouija board on investigations. However, since it is reported that the Lemp family used to hold seances in the home and did use Ouija boards themselves, at this location I do like to see if we get any results from a seance type atmosphere. While in the dining area the K2 meter did seem to be responding to our questions. The fluctuations of the meter didn't seem to have any pattern to it, and the immediate change when a question was asked was almost eerie. I am very curious to find out if anyone picked up any supporting evidence such as EVP or visual anomaly while this was happening to back it up. However the results from the Ouija board were disappointing. We did get the name "Anna Lemp" and this person said they were born in 1919 and died at the age of 20. Doing just the slightest bit of Lemp genealogy research we learned that there was indeed an Anna Lemp who died in 1939. However this Anna Lemp never lived in the home, and other details given did not match up.
Interesting to note: at different times during the investigation several of us felt as though we were missing a person, but would do a head count and all nine people were present. During an EVP session when we asked who the "10th person" was, the K2 meter would always respond strongly. It also seemed to respond any time we would ask about the mysterious circumstances of Elsa Lemp's death.
Another interesting item was discovered on my digital camera. This camera only takes still photos on video clips, however as I was loading the stills to my desktop I discovered a WAV file. This file corresponds with a still photo I took in the Charles Lemp Room. I have posted both the still and the WAV.
I'm very anxious to get my film developed and finish reviewing audio and video to see if anything out of the ordinary was captured.

Jennifer Sprague:On this investigation I was note taker for the group and I stayed up in the new section of the Lemp Mansion that recently opened up with Angela. This new section that was opened was said to be where the 'monkey boy' was kept. There is no record of his real name that is known of at this point in time. We started with doing a sweep of the room with various equipment and noting the base temperature of the room which was noted to be in the low seventies. During this time there was no noticeable temperature change or fluctuation between any of the meters, some did note that they heard as if someone was walking outside and slight whispering was also heard, and at one point Angela reported to feel a tingling sensation on her legs. I, myself, did not hear or notice anything unusual at that time to note. We moved through other sections of the mansion and what we experienced could be explained through external sources and nothing paranormal. It was not until we did an investigation in the dining room area of the mansion that we had an interesting experience with the K2 meter. Bryan noted as if he felt somebody was missing from the group and it was noticed that the K2 meter spiked, he asked where the tenth person was and it spiked again. Taking notice to the response of the K2 meter and our questions we wanted to make sure that it wasnt something external that may be causing it so we moved it to other tables and didnt notice any considerable spikes anywhere else except in that one area. The strange thing was, was that the questions we were asking and the repsonses that we were getting seemed to be almost too much to be a coincidence to me. We asked many questions and got not considerable spikes on anything really having to do with the Lemps themselves but seemed do be connected, from the jumps in spikes to certain questions, a servant of the Lemps. I can not say with 100 percent that we contacted something but it definitely was interesting to experience. I did not personally experience anything else during the nighty myself although Angela did say she felt something bump her bed on the other side of the room and called me over. This happened to her twice that night, but I did not experience it myself. Overall, I think some interesting things did happen but it seemed to be slightly more active last time we went. The trip to The Lemp Mansion was very fun and I love the St.Louis area. Special thanks to those at the Lemp for allowing us to come out and investigate!

Shawn Walsh:I must say I was really excited to do this investigation. I had done hours of reasearch on the Lemp mansion and the Lemp family history. So I had high hopes of having a very active night. Well unfortunaly the investigation itself seemed very quiet. There were some moments where we thought we heard some things. But with the enormous amount of highway noise. Its virtually impossible to trust or validate that any sounds came from a paranormal source. We investigated the entire house top to bottem. The only event that took place during the night that seemed odd was when we were in one of the lower dining areas doing a EVP session. We were all sitting at the tables and on one of the unoccupied tables I placed a K2 EM meter to watch for field fluctuation. Now I realize these are far from scientific pieces of equipment. But I have read of other groups trying these meters with surprising results. At multiple points during the evp session the lights on the K2 meter would rise and fall sometimes even in response to questions or requests. This was a more interseting response then I was expecting no doubt. Toward the end of the evp session I suddenly felt extremely nauseous. I had to go upstairs and get some water. Not saying that was paranormal in origin. But it is something that never really happens to me. That incident was the only personal experiance of the night which I can not fully explain. We did some testing after the incident with other EM Meters and wre not able to get any response in the area the K2 was sitting. We also came back to that same spot later with the K2 and we recieved no response. Could it have been some interference, quite possibly. But it seemed interesting the way it would respond to some questions. I have reviewed audio from the evening and had no abnormalities, I have also reviewed 16 hours of combined DVR video, I found one clip that seems somewhat abnormal. I

Trista Walsh:This was my first investigation at the Lemp Mansion and I was very excited to do the investigation. I heard and read a lot of things about the Lemp. It is considered by many one of the most haunted places in the US. We set up DVR cameras in the hallway where the steps are, the Charles Lemp suite, the William Lemp room, and one in the main hallway upstairs. During the investigation at one point we were downstairs in the dining room area. We had the K2 meter on and it was a steady green which is a normal. We did an EVP session and asked questions. The K2 seemed to spike to yellow and orange according to our questions. I have finished listening to all my audio and have found nothing odd. Out of the seventy+ pictures I took with my digital camera nothing abnormal seemed to show up. After the investigation was over, I thought I would not get any sleep in the place, but actually seem to drift off to sleep pretty easily. A short while after I fell asleep I remember waking up to the feeling of someone poking me. It could have just been my subconscious since I was half asleep. But an interesting side note nonetheless.

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Audio found on digital camera - 08:28 PM - 5th October, 2008 - The Lemp Mansion, Visit 5
00:00 / 00:00

This is the audio clip that was found on my digital camera which corresponds with a still photo I took. This camera does not record just audio, it takes still photos and video images only. The still photo is perfectly fine, while the audio clip goes on for 2 seconds. Any possible explanation is welcomed.

Submitted by Becky

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